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Re: Theos-World RE: [bn-study] Art & Theosophy

Sep 24, 2003 02:46 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi all of you,

The below reminded me of this one:


M. Sufilight

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Subject: Theos-World RE: [bn-study] Art & Theosophy

> Sept 24 2003
> Dear Friend:
> There is art used in symbology. Many of those symbols were painted, or
> carved by the ancient wise men and their pupils.
> When we look at them now, we are often unable to distinguish those
> important points. Some are so large (as the Nasca lines in Peru, or the
> location of several temples in Egypt placed carefully to symbolize the
> constellation of ORION and the DOGS)
> If you wish to detect these forms that underlie art, study what HPB
> gives us in S D starting with Vol. I pp 5. Then with the help of the
> INDEX to the SECRET DOCTRINE trace those sacred numbers and figures to
> other references in the book. It is very helpful to do this and it
> teaches us how to use it.
> Starting with symbology is the best way. Then the use of the same ideas
> will be seen to permeate the thought and records from the past drawn
> from all around the world. It is the UNITY of WISDOM.
> Some ancient systems suggested that the depiction of living things
> specially human and animal forms not be done because of the dangerous
> possibility of psychic links that could be formed in doing that. In
> some cases it became a prohibition. Art then was transformed into color
> selection, and the forms of geometry and calligraphy.
> Best wishes
> Dallas
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> Subject: [bn-study] Art & Theosophy
> Dear Dallas
> With best regards and thanking you for your sincere efforts as I found
> out in mysticism there is a kind of artistic expression. I mean it has
> artistic form. In the verses of Opanishad e.g. in the worships of Roder
> there we can see a poem like expression. Also in parts of Holy Books as
> well as the Stanzas in SD ,so that something wants to take us to some
> unknown place. Naturally we have to bear in mind that metaphore is also
> a part of that artistic expression. Also in tales with mystic concepts
> we can see that artistic form such as Mahabaharat and Masnavi Ma'navi.
> Sometimes one of them by its artistic expression gives a kind of
> intution that maybe hundreds of pages of philosophy or arguments can
> not. And in the fields of other arts such as in Popol of Vuh I observed
> its photographs in the library on line and was enchanted by them. When
> it draws the eagle not like the eagle we see in the nature and the
> serpent apart from being a serpent has another visual effe! ct on us so
> that meanwhile is also something else. I think that the portraitist
> maybe as we say today was a post modernist. We can also see this kind of
> artistic expression in the paintings of Egypteans and in the carvings of
> Takht-e-jamshid in Iran and in Indian sculptures as well. In geometrical
> forms we can see them in the tile works of Iranian mosques so that they
> are the bearer of us to another dimensions of consciousness. All these
> made me to ask you the viewpoints of Theosophy about art including the
> form and its relation with the spritual progress. As I read in The Key
> to Theosophy H.B also points to this case when she says that poets
> posses a kind of intution. With thank.
> Hamsunia
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