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RE: [bn-study] Re: anonymity - correction

Sep 23, 2003 08:48 PM
by W. Dallas TenBreoeck

Sept 23 2002

Re: F P and quotes , also multiple copies and delay on BN.

Dear Tony:

I usually send a copy of my answer direct to the person if I have their
address. In case they wrote to me over one of the study groups I send a
copy there. If the subject is of general interest (as I see it) I try
to impersonalize it and also post it to other groups as illustrative of
theosophical considerations. Those are my motives..  

I admit this may cause multiple copies for those who also subscribe as I
do to several active groups. Admitted it is flinging a wide net, but if
we are all students then the principles involved are those we desire to
think about? Right ?
I also delete extra or unneeded copies received here.

BN-study is moderated and the moderator decides to print or not as he
pleases. I make it a point to send all I write on to BN, for the
reasons given above.

F P stands for R. Crosbie's book THE FRIENDLY PHILOSOPHER. Sorry I
though all knew this. If I send a quote it is because I think it is
appropriate or illustrative of some principle. I leave it to the
recipient to make up their own mind on it.

Thanks for the good quotes you send.

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Tony [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 3:25 AM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: anonymity - correction

Dear Dallas


Please would you explain what this means. I am receiving many copies of
mails (the same mail duplicate/triplicate, etc. I thought I deleted 6
copies of one of your mails last night). This is inconvenient. Some
replies sent to your mails just don't seem to reach bn-study.

You quote FP below (does this mean you agree with FP?). It is helpful
one has the initials FP, because in future I will approach FP with
and know that he is not correct in all he writes. What FP writes below
misleading advice, when compared to the Theosophical Teachings.
FPs advice is wrong and dangerous in this case?, it does not mean I
read FP again.

You write quoting "FP"?: <<<"Instead of crushing out the
animal nature, we must learn to fully understand the animal, and
subordinate it to the spiritual." So long as you know the wiles and
lures of the elementary nature, you are not in danger of fooling
yourselves . Thy strength is in thy soul and thy soul's strength is in
the calm and not in storm revealed."	FP p. 38>>>

HPB writes in "Practical Occultism versus the Occult Arts":

"It is only when the power of the passions is dead altogether, and when
have been crushed and annihilated in the retort of an unflinching will;
not only all the lusts and longings of the flesh are dead, but also the
recognition of the personal Self is killed out and the "astral" has been
reduced in consequence to a cipher, that the Union with the "Higher
can take place. Then when the "Astral" reflects only the conquered man,
still living but no more the longing, selfish personality, then the
brilliant Augoeides, the divine SELF, can vibrate in conscious harmony
both the poles of the human Entity--the man of matter purified, and the
pure Spiritual Soul--and stand in the presence of the MASTER SELF, the
Christos of the mystic Gnostic, blended, merged into, and one with IT

And before this:
". . . How can harmony prevail and conquer, when the soul is stained and
distracted with the turmoil of passions and the terrestrial desires of
bodily senses, or even of the "Astral man"?"

Do you see the quotations as saying the same thing, or do you see a


[DTB] I see a similarity. Thanks for those you sent, they are excellent


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