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Re: Theos-World Dr. Santucci and the neo/pseudo Theosophy

Sep 21, 2003 07:46 AM
by adelasie

Dear Eddy,

Theosophy doesn't come from books. It reveals itself in our own 
hearts and minds throughout life, as we try to apply its principles 
to our daily activities. It doesn't matter what we read or who we 
study with. If we honestly and devotedly analyze what we come in 
contact with, and compare it with our own highest ideals, we will 
know whether or not it is true. There are many paths to 
enlightenment, and many teachers will appear to the student along the 
way. Each is a gift from the Lords of Karma, and for each we may be 
eternally grateful. It doesn't matter what others say, as long as the 
student learns from the teacher, according to the dictates of his own 

All the best,

On 20 Sep 2003 at 20:29, Eddy wrote:

> Subject: Dr. Santucci and the neo/pseudo Theosophy
> Hi everybody.
> I have been reading many articles and opinions from many of you and
> still have not finished meditation on them. But, specially, I liked
> very much Danielīs article written by Santucci, about the concept of
> neo or pseudo Theosophy. Daniel, what is your opinion, about
> Santucciīs considering Leadbeater and Annieīs a kind of false or neo
> theosophy? For me is very dificcult to tell because I was presented to
> Theos. thru these authors. It means that I went the contrary way, I
> got to know Theososophy from the people who learned ( I donīt know at
> what certain point though) from HPB. Not from Secret Doctrine,
> unfortunately. And you who have been studying SD for quite more time
> than me, such as Dallas, Adelasie or Katinka, what is your opinion? Is
> it a false or a neo-theosophy?
> Eddy
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