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welcome to the new fellow

Sep 20, 2003 04:33 PM
by Eddy

Subject: welcome to the new fellow

Hi David!
How are you?
Be welcome to out discussion list.
I am Eddy and from Brazil too.
Where do you live?
I am from Curitiba, Paraná, but live in Santa Catarina.
I am sure you´ll enjoy this group because many of us have a very good material and Daniel Caldwell an the HB Study Center concentrates written material very complete and much of what is not easily avaiable in other sites oreven under the form of bookes in some countries where Theosophy study is abit recent.
I hope you enjoy.
Welcome again.

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From: Davi Viana 
Sent: Saturday, September 20, 2003 3:39 PM
Subject: Theos-World New

Hey guys, that's just one of that emails of a new person in the group. 
My name is DAvi Viana, I am 20yo and I am from Brazil I study theosophy
for just a few years and I am very interested in the subject. I wish I
can share my small knowledge with yous, and I wish I can absorb your
knowledge too. 



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