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RE: New to this Group

Sep 20, 2003 12:32 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Re: Our study group

Dear Davi:

Thank you for your inquiry. I am sure that any question you ask or view
you express will be of interest to readers and will surely be answered.

In the meantime here is a review of the coverage that Theosophy gives



Since this question in one way or another, has been frequently asked,
here is a summary, a set of SEED statements of the chief items of
Theosophical Wisdom. As further question may arise, if they are posted
to the Site, further explanations can be presented.

"All of it (Theosophy) can be demonstrated to be wisdom based on is "a great body of philosophical, scientific and ethical
doctrine, forming the basis and origin of all similar thought...It is
known as the "Wisdom Religion." It was "always taught by Adepts or
Initiates, who preserve it through all time." It forms the "root" of all
known religions.

These great Men, Masters of Wisdom, are also known as the Brothers and
the Adepts. They are the flowers of the human race. They form an
ancient brotherhood "concerned with the soul development of man." And,
this includes every process of evolution on all planes. They hold that
humanity, as an intelligent "Ray" of the Great and universal UNKNOWN, is
capable of infinite perfection. This Adept Brotherhood resides on
Earth, but is generally unknown.

Mme. Blavatsky declared she was their "Messenger."

The foundation teachings of Theosophy rest on the UNKNOWN Principle,
concerning which, nothing is definable, yet it is the universal
substratum of all.

It IS, and is IN all THINGS and BEINGS....The whole universe is alive
and active in seven ways and on seven planes, all these are cooperative
and interactive. Spirit is its highest aspect in manifestation. Matter
is the pole opposite to Spirit, but has the same origin. The UNKNOWN
envelops them equally. Mind surveys them equally from a point of
balance between them.

The Spirit focalizes itself in those human beings who "permit it to do
so." "The refusal to permit it to do so is the cause of all sin,
suffering and sorrow"....

The perfectibility of mankind constantly provides the Brotherhood with
new members, and as such they assist nature, widen and deepen their
consciousness, and take on the responsibilities of their influence for
good in the harmonious, just and fair government of all... "This offers
a sublime concept of aim, and purpose for living. It agrees with the
basic yearnings of the soul, and it destroys pessimism and despair."

Man is a Conscious Spirit, and in him are conjoined Spirit, Matter and
Mind. His responsibility when he ascends to the human stage, is to
assist "matter" in spiritualizing and purifying
itself. Man perfected, becomes the conscious vehicle of Spirit.
To do this, man comes into "touch with all planes of nature."

The 7 principles of man as described,[Spirit, Wisdom, Mind, Desire,
Life, Astral form, and physical body] show that the divine man or
INDIVIDUALITY is a trinity, a thinker. It lives life after life in a
4-fold "personality." It passes from "house" to "house" by the process
of reincarnation, and in those embodiments it enjoys or suffers
according to its deeds, chosen by it in the past. The "Personality" or
temporary "mask"
(persona) changes from life to life according to the choices freely made
by each "thinker.

Karma is the process instituted by Nature to harmonize choice with the
effects of choice. No mind-man can escape the effects of his or her

The spiritually conscious man is immortal, and has always existed.. In
him is embodied this universally just and fair law of cause and effect.
He is Karma. In one life he is known as a personality, but in the
stretch of eternity he is one Individual, independent of name, form, or
recollection." The Individual is also called the Monad.

"Each man's life and character are the outcome of his previous lives and
thoughts. Each is his own judge, his own executioner...each, by his own
life reaches his reward, rises to the heights of knowledge...and power
of good for all"

Nothing is left to chance, or partiality, but all is under the
governance of law....His own spirit is the essence of this LAW. Right
ethics are ever the same: Universal Brotherhood.


Additional sources for Theosophical teachings are:

H.P.Blavatsky : The KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB)




H.P.Blavatsky : ARTICLES (reprinted in )

13 Vols. of Blavatsky: COLLECTED WORKS (Pub.: T P H)

3 Vols. of Blavatsky: COLLECTED ARTICLES




Most of these are ON LINE at BLAVATSKY NET --


Best wishes, and glad to welcome you,



-----Original Message-----
From: Davi V
Sent: Saturday, September 20, 2003 11:40 AM
Subject: New to the Group\

Hey guys, that's just one of that emails of a new person in the group. 

My name is DAvi Viana, I am 20yo and I am from Brazil 

I study theosophy for just a few years and I am very interested in the
subject. I wish I can share my small knowledge with yous, and I wish I
can absorb your
knowledge too. 


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