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world teacher, krishnamurti, CWL and Besant

Sep 19, 2003 03:16 AM
by Eddy

Hi Dears

Be divine peace be with you all.
I just wanted to set another subject for anyboby set some light on.
I donīt have many works for reference about the case that involved CWLeadbeater-Beasant-Morya-El and Koot Hoo Mi during that period about J. Krishnamurti and the tale about The world spiritual teacher.
Whose error was it?
Why did Krishnamurti kinda broke-up with theosophy, just because he was perceiving the wrong plans that CWL had for the T. Movement?The idea of controlling the Masters influence?
Why Krishna probably abominated the idea of having or becoming a master or guru?
All I know is that he preached every man can be his own master and need notan external one, who īs subject to errors too.
If Krishnamurti was, at the beginning of his trainning, having special private lessons out of Mater K or M under Leadbeaterīs " assistance" , so shouldīnt the Master foresee these mistakes?
I may be probably wrong at some conclusions here but now that the stone is throw,n any comment will be welcome.


I appologise for not having given reply to many membersīs comments lately, such as the good messages of Dallas, Adelasie, Tony, I promise to do it very soon , but the quest for the true about Krishnamurti and CWL is a veryold doubt I have.

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