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Hereeeeeees Wry (ha ha)

Sep 18, 2003 10:25 PM
by wry

Hi Everyone: No, I did not forget you guys, but I bet you have forgotten me. Well, here EYE AM ( ha ha.) with a riddle. How does an authoritarian become impersonal? Give up? "He goes anonymous!!!!!!! Below is a message I wrote for another list, as I do not have time to be on here right now, as I am obligated to go where there is (more) meaningful communication, but I will return with some more words of the subject of time-appropriate, as some (most? weep) have still not seemed to grasp the nuance of this. Sincerely, your own Bee, you know, the one from the same society as Madame Blavatsky, the most secret society on the planet earth blah blah.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. I just used this message to link to, but am just replying to the conversation in general. To me it is meaningful to do in such a way that it is not a reaction, but a conscious act. Usually I am not that conscious. I just walk around during the day going from task to task, not fully realizing I am here. Of course a person who is self-conscious will be living a life that is more meaningful. Also, it would be more meaningful to save a person's life than to go to a movie, and it is more meaningful to be and do consciously than to think and talk about being and doing consciously, but if such talk actually leads to becoming more conscious, if there is a feeling and sense of consecration, it is very meaningful. A conversation in which I am changing and learning as I participate is more meaningful than a conversation where this is not happening.

I heard a story once that in Nazi Germany a guard made a female prisoner choose whom he would execute, her brother or her husband. She choose her husband. If she had made no choice and the guard had killed both of them, this would have been less meaningful. 

We are creatures of relationship. To me, ultimately, to live meaningfully, is to be in full relationship. This involves responsibility. It also involves living by conscience. To live by conscience is to live religiously. Actually, to live intelligently, by conscience, has nothing to do with believing in or not believing in "God;" yet how one lives is between oneself and one's "God." It is most interesting. We can all easily understand that to live in this way orders reality in such a way that there is the least amount of suffering for the greatest amount of creatures. 

Would you believe that a small group of people who are dedicated to consciously living in a way that is deeply meaningful and who communicate about this on the internet can transform the consciousness of humanity? Does this sound far fetched? Maybe, but perhaps it can be demonstrated by the conscious participation of each of us. Would you say that an act of conscious self -expression is an art or a science? I am not sure, but to give exactly the right gift, at exactly the right time, requires seeing a facet of another human being which that human being has not yet discovered about himself. When he receives this gift, an unknown facet of himself is revealed. It is joyful. To know enough about another to create this kind of opportunity is to look with an eye that is impartial, that gathers objective data about the other as he is, not as he fancies himself to be or how I want him to be. It could be called scientific. We do not usually think of science in this way, but when love becomes a science, there can be a flowering. Sincerely, Wry

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