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Re: Theos-World just a daydream

Sep 16, 2003 12:44 PM
by adelasie

Hi Eddy,

Your comments are very wise. What use indeed to memorize literature 
if we don't attempt to put its lessons to work in our daily lives? As 
far as I am able to determine, that is the very point of theosophy, 
and of all the world's great teachings. After all, these teachings 
come from the Masters, who have done exactly that, gained control 
over all nature's finer forces. And how did they do that? By living 
the Golden Rule strictly, by gaining control of their lower natures 
absolutely, by practicing altruism with perfect devotion. We have a 
long way to go to attain such accomplishment, but there is no time 
like the present to begin. And more may depend upon our making a 
beginning, and continuing to the best of our ability, than we could 
possibly imagine.

All the best,

On 16 Sep 2003 at 9:01, mundo_xama wrote:

> Hi Adelasie
> Thanks for the nice comment.
> I ´ll meditate on your answer first, then answer it.
> My objective conscience has been passing through lots of changes, the
> biggest is a change in my actual beliefs, it is not easy...maybe
> because I am reaching 42, passing through the 6th cycle of 7 years...
> such as Spencer Lewis said in Rosaecrucis literature... What worth is,
> to read all the most important spiritual books in the world, maintain
> and cultivate large archives of intellectual knowledge, such as facts,
> theories, quotes, aphorisms and not to strive properly and apply it in
> everyday´s life?! In spiritual evolution! Like a chinese proverb, such
> as a drum, that makes a lot of noise, but is empty inside! Sometimes I
> think that I ´d rather read, understand and live the essence of the
> tiny book" The Voice of Silence" than knowing the entire SD by
> heart... One member of this list said that there´s never been such an
> ammount of material about spirituality, the world and still
> we are lost in our ways...hmm?
> Sincerely
> Eddy

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