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just a daydream

Sep 16, 2003 06:33 AM
by mundo_xama

Hi Adelasie
Thanks for the nice comment.
I ´ll meditate on your answer first, then answer it.
My objective conscience has been passing through lots of changes, the biggest is a change in my actual beliefs, it is not easy...maybe because I am reaching 42, passing through the 6th cycle of 7 years... such as Spencer Lewis said in Rosaecrucis literature...
What worth is, to read all the most important spiritual books in the world,maintain and cultivate large archives of intellectual knowledge, such as facts, theories, quotes, aphorisms and not to strive properly and apply it in everyday´s life?! In spiritual evolution!
Like a chinese proverb, such as a drum, that makes a lot of noise, but is empty inside!
Sometimes I think that I ´d rather read, understand and live the essence of the tiny book" The Voice of Silence" than knowing the entire SD by heart...
One member of this list said that there´s never been such an ammount of material about spirituality, the world and still we are lost in ourways...hmm?



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Thank you, Eddy, for a fresh point of view. Sometimes we get so 
involved in our internal debates, which, after all, are important to 
us personally, that we forget the bigger picture. If we stopped and 
looked around us for a moment, we would see that the human race is in 
a crisis in its evolution, which is also a tremendous opportunity, 
and that the teachings of Theosophy, like all the great teachings 
throughout the ages, are for the purpose of helping us take advantage 
of the opportunities we have at this very potent cycle to advance 
toward a Golden Age of Peace and Brotherhood. It is no accident that 
we are here now, with this amazing internet with which to reach vast 
numbers of our brothers and sisters around the world. It is a 
wonderful tool.

What would you like to investigate? What do you think we can do to 
help ourselves, all of ourselves, out of the slough of Kali Yuga into 
the Light?

Best wishes,

On 14 Sep 2003 at 16:03, mundo_xama wrote:

> Dears,
> I hope my sugestion won´t chock anyone´s point of view , for I know
> that I have just arrived to this e-group, but isn´t there anything
> more constructive, that may give us more illumination than this duels
> of whom´s got the right concept of ULT or TS politics? Blavatsky´s
> lagacy makes all controversial facts related to later mistakes of
> theosophical leaders and presidents irrelevant. There are so many
> interesting subjects inside HPB´s works and doctrine to explore...
> That´s my humble opinion.
> Eddy
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