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links ībout alice bailey

Sep 15, 2003 07:54 AM
by mundo_xama

Dear Morten

Let me pass you the biggest thanks.
I do apreciate your help!
You are always attentive.
Iīve got now a lot of new links.


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From: Morten Nymann Olesen 
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World alice bailey

Hi Eddy and all of you,

I may have something to offer you.

Maybe the following could be of some help- the year is 1912 according to
Jerry Hejka-Ekins:

I will say that if this is true, then that year aught to be related to the
Adyar theosophical activities (The Order of the Star - Krishnamurti, Besant,
CWL issues). And also Rudolf Steiners break away in 1912.

And these links could also be of interest:

But this one must be the true (physical) version, - where the word
"esoteric" may have to be interpreted first:
"In 1915, Alice Bailey joined the California Theosophical Society and
published Initiation: Human and Solar (and many others), after claiming
guidance from Blavatsky's Tibetan Adept, Djwhal Khul. "
Melton 1978, Vol. 2, p.144ff.; Miller 1995: 321, 418.)

Try these quotes from Baileys own Autobiography to verify : ("I, in
the meantime, moved [125] to a tiny, three-roomed cottage in a more
populated district in Pacific Grove. This was in 1915 and it was the last
time I ever saw Walter Evans.") ("I had
joined the Theosophical Lodge in Pacific Grove and was beginning to teach
and hold classes. I remember the first book which I started to expound. It
was that great book by Mrs. Besant, "A Study in Consciousness." I knew
nothing about consciousness and I could not possibly define it but I kept
six pages ahead of the class and somehow managed to get away with it. They
never discovered how little I knew. I know that no matter what the class
learned I learned a great deal.")

Jerry Hejka-Ekins has made several interesting contributions at Theos-Talk
and Theos-L.
I wonder who he is teaching.

I could present the view, that the year 1912 - with Steiner's break away and
Krishnamurtis new Order - sparked the later activities made by Alice A.
Bailey and higher initiated friends.
And what happened ?
Today we have litterally hundreds of Alice A. Bailey groups and offshoots.
The number of (related) followers are now so many, that they aught not tobe
*** The New Group of World Servers :
*** Today: A Bailey-based group- The New Group of World Servers has as a list member , which are
closely related to The United Nations Security Counsil - via the UN official
Maurice Strong.
*** Today the Middle East is being "respected" with:
"Mohammedanism, which numbers so large a following, is also under sixth ray
influence, but it is not a great root religion, being a hybrid offshoot of
Christianity with the tinge of Judaism." Esoteric
Psychology I by Alice A. Bailey (or master D.K.)

--- What a bad joke !
--- One aught to make some of the leading figures within the various Bailey
groups aware of this "hybrid-offshoot-problem". A few emails will maybe
create some fruits.

And all this has now created quite a situation in the Middle East, which
many Bailey followers DO NOT know anything at all about ("brainwashed" or
indoctrinated as they are by the (aryan/atlantis-related) massmedias).
And if they do, they do not relate properly to it.
And that is that.

I offer any honest truth-seeking Alice A. Bailey student who wants to learn
something about Sufism and the Middle East - to read the books by the
Theosophical writer Idries Shah. And when they have aquinted themselves with
those books or just the above or below articles - they may come back and
tell me where I went wrong when rejecting Bailey's books - on the grounds
that they today creates international related problems.
And they may therefore also do so now. So far I havn't received any
explaining answer to that by any Bailey-follower.
There is no Religion higher than the Truth, right ?

I furthermore offers some of the views, which Alice A. Bailey groups are NOT
really relating to or making the students aware of:

Making the students aware of these articles content - just might save us all
from some Middle Eastern - Western trouble.
But, who really cares ?

Others have of course a different view on when Alice A. Bailey joined the
Theosophical Society.
Bailey joined 1918 :
Bailey joined 1917:

In certain groups - certain issues are suggested not to be debated. It may
be different historical developments and events within Theosophy and the
Theosophical Society and its various offshoots. Sometimes there is a -
spiritual need (and not only a greedy Want) - for clarification of these
issues - so that the interested spiritual student will feel more comfortable
with the teaching from the particular group in mention among numbers of
other non-theosophical groups (dead-letter speaking) on this globe.

Now online is---

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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From: "mundo_xama" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 12:06 PM
Subject: Theos-World alice bailey

Can everybody set any light on the following subject?
When and under which circumstances did Alice Bailey get into the TS?
I have read many versions and seem not to get the true explanations.
Master Djwal Khul ( and occasionally Morya ) was after her works.
I also know that both masters belong to the same egoic ray but DK has a
slightly diferent approach.
I was told that His teachings are not a continuation on HPBīs works butan
I also looked in the old message archives of Daniel and I think there must
be something I can not find.
Daniel, any hint?
But, please, donīt send me to Brigitteīs page again...
Thanx for the attention.


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