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Re: Theos-World Re: Tony & Dallas on "Impersonality and Anonymity"

Sep 11, 2003 09:55 AM
by wry

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Tony & Dallas on "Impersonality and Anonymity"

Hi Katinka,

Reading your post reminded me of something about HPB and her work.
She was working under the direction of the Master. She did what she
was told to do, in all things affecting the work she was asked to
undertake. This work was and is far too important, crucial even, to
the future of humanity, to be pursued in any haphazard manner, as it
inevitably would be by anyone who didn't have the consciousness of a

Wry: I guess you are saying that this work is far too important to be
pursued by anyone who does not have the "consciousness of a master," No
offense, but this makes no sense. though one could say that one would need
to have the consciousness of a master not to pursue anything in a haphazard

>HPB fulfilled the directions given her faithfully, but only
she knew, in many cases, what they were, and even she may not have
always known the reason for them.

Wry: How can you knew this? My guess is that this shrewd human being knew
the reason for everything she was doing.

> Only a superior
intelligence/consciousness could fully see what was needed when and
why. We, from our perspective, distant in both time and relationship
to events of a century or more ago, may find many things difficult to
understand or accept. But if have faith in the underlying truth of
theosophy, and any respect for the tremendous sacrifice, courage, and
devotion required of one such as HPB, we can allow for the
possibility that we may not really have the right to judge her or her

Wry: Faith in the underlying truth of theosophy? Weep. There is no way to
become a master unless a human being begins to develop his discriminative
facuties. Period. You do this by making discriminative assessments about
anything and everything, to the best of his ability, while all the time
attempting to verify and test things out. Generally speaking, people will
have faith in anything that feels good. It is a fact. This means anything
they are attracted to, depending on If it is a state of "being" or "higher
knowledge" or "love" or increased sensation or whatever, and there is not
enough experience to contrast it against, not an ability or a desire to go
beyond, he is hooked and everything afterwards is built upon this. There is
no way to achieve clarity. As far as personally judging a human being, no
one else can know or understand the circumstances that contributed to who
they are and what obstacles they have encountered, so in this sense, it is
not appropriate to judge, but if you are building a house you need to choose
between brick and straw, and also, you would not take a blind man or a
cripple as your helper over someone who is strong and healthy.

>We have inherited the fruits of her amazing efforts, and we
have a responsibility to try to make them a living reality, if we

Wry: In order to do that, you will need to develop your discriminative
faculty, prefereably to the objective grade. This means knowing what to eat
and what to spit out. One day a certain food is just right for you. Another
day it might make you sick. I know you are a good person and have good
motivation, but if you want to really benefit others, you may want to
evaluate your approach. Also, it is not that wholesome, in my opinion, to
keep looking back a person or people and trying to analyse details about
what they did or did not do (I know you are not doing this that much, but
others are). Theosophy is about today, not yesterday. Sincerely, Wry

All the best,

On 11 Sep 2003 at 9:46, Katinka Hesselink wrote:

> Hi all,
> To work impersonally probably means something very different from what
> Dallas thinks it does. HPB was impersonal in the sense that she didn't
> just publish her own thoughts and ideas and knowledge, but also that
> of people who opposed her. She was impersonal in the sense that she
> did not take the opportunity to make a decent pay (writing for a
> Russian magazine), because she had work to do for the TS. But she was
> obviously not impersonal in the sense of being anonymous. In fact,
> when one looks up the word anonymous in the Collected Writings CD-rom
> one comes across many references where she complains that people write
> to slander her, without telling her who they are. This kind of reminds
> me of the slander in some ULT publications, where also a name is
> missing. The clearest quote I could find on HPB's policy on anonymous
> letters is the following:
> >> We have received several communications for publication, bearing
> on the subjects discussed in the editorial of our last issue, "Let
> every man prove his own work." A few brief remarks may be made, not in
> reply to any of the letters-which, being anonymous, and containing no
> card from the writers, cannot be published (nor are such noticed, as a
> general rule)>> CW vol. 8, p. 295
> HPB was courageous enough to stand for what she believed in and sign
> her name to it, clearly realizing how dishonest it looks to not sign a
> name. When there isn't a name, nobody can be held acountable. This is
> understandable in situations where religious freedom itself still
> needs to be fought for, (as unfortunately in some places there still
> isn't religious freedom), but in the US, where the ULT is largest,
> this isn't exactly necessary. So what is left is the impression that
> the ULT makes of cowardice its policy.
> Katinka
> --- In, "Daniel H. Caldwell"
> <danielhcaldwell@y...> wrote:
> > Tony,
> >
> > You bring up a good point below.
> >
> > "Impersonality" and "anonymity" may be the policy
> > and method of the U.L.T. but it was NOT the policy
> > of the original Theosophical Society.
> >
> > Madame Blavatsky apparently failed to understand
> > what Dallas writes about because she added her
> > own name to her major works as well as to most
> > of her articles. !! :) Why didn't she issue
> > her works anonymously?
> >
> > Again, impersonality and anonymity may be the policy
> > of "Theosophy" magazine (the major ULT organ) but
> > it was not HPB's policy in editing her two magazines
> > THE THEOSOPHIST and LUCIFER. She also invited and published
> > contrary and diverse views in her magazines which apparently
> > the ULT publication avoids.
> >
> > Too bad HPB didn't live long enough to know about
> > the ULT policy and practice.
> >
> > Daniel
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > --- In, "Tony" <alpha@d...> wrote:
> > > Dear Dallas
> > >
> > > You write:
> > >
> > > <<<A wise one observed: " .if some human beings know the
> > existence of the
> > > most important message to the world in untold centuries, and
> bring
> > the
> > > fact and the message to their attention, leaving it to be
> accepted
> > or
> > > rejected without drawing any attention to themselves, [then] an
> act
> > of
> > > self-effacement has been performed in order that the Message may
> be
> > > judged on its own merits.the "anonymity" adopted was for the very
> > > benefit of .all who desire to obtain that message at first hand
> > with no
> > > intermediate distractions.we desire most of all to place the
> > Message of
> > > Masters in the hands of those who wish to learn and know, without
> > > attracting attention to ourselves or seeking any distracting
> > notoriety.
> > >
> > > The policy and methods of U. L. T. were instituted to avoid
> > > personalities altogether . . .>>>
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