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introducing myself

Sep 09, 2003 04:57 PM
by James

Hi there,

I've just joined this talk group and I'd like to say hello and also say how pleased I am to have found such an intelligent and freewheeling discussion group. I have been a member of the Dunedin, New Zealand, TS lodge for about 5 years now and having come to that with an interest in Alice Bailey's works and finding such an antipathy to Bailey, Steiner and even Krishnamurti, I have been hanging out for discussion that doesn't exclude on the basis of personality or politics or something else that is difficult to discern. What I found in the TS here shocked me, so I was well prepared for the bombshells that I have been finding in this talk group - viz for example, that Annie Besant may have been into black magic and that she and Leadbeater edited beyond reasonableness, and possibly for ulterior purposes, the main source material of the TS - the SD.
I've also been trying to find out what happened to the Danish TS - I didn't know then about the Canadian and the Boston rifts, to mention only two- but the cloak of silence has been deafening.
Disappointing really. Are all organisations like this or do spiritual groups bring to the surface more than is usual the tendency to want to control, this being yoked to a belief in divine providence?

Anyway I look forward to taking part in this group;

cheers, James

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