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re Besant/Leadbeater leadership

Sep 09, 2003 04:08 PM
by Mauri

Based on my interpretation of Cleather's books (GREAT BETRAYAL and HPB AS I KNEW HER), I tend to feel that, in simple, or "exoteric terms," the Besant/Leadbeater leadership was nincompoopish as compared to the previous, HPB-influenced leadership, in that (among other things?) the Besant leadership failed to preserve the original, unedited version of SD III. Or is the original version of SD III privately preserved somewhere, maybe? Publically preserved? ^:-/

If Besant had trouble figuring out about HPB's specialness as a messenger, and if Besant couldn't see that as a result of that specialness it might be a "good idea" to maybe preserve such as SD III as she found it, well ... what can I say. But of course I might have failed to see some relevant perspective with respect to the Besant/Leadbeater leadership (among other things?), for all I know, which is one reason why I'm siging off with:


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