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Re: Theos-World The_Latest_"Reincarnation"_of_Brigitte_Mlegger?

Sep 09, 2003 02:43 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi all of you,

Actually Daniels email made me wonder why a great number of people fail to
understand the importance of - the difference
between - dead-letter reading and writing AND the Akasa, the Senzar
language and the 7 Keys.
Scholars and "Journalists" are used to follow - a single thoughtpattern or
mode of thinking and reading. I doesn't occur to them, that the physical
letters, words and designs contains more than their small brains can digest.

Bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all.
If Blavatsky had been around - she would no doubt still have been fighting
the Chatolic Church and all the Orthodox Churches around the globe in
general. And she would certainly also have done something on 'the Brigitte
case' and the likes.

I know that many Orthodox followers have a healthy view on their religion,
but the Chatolic Church still has a false doctrine. The doctrine of "the
Pope of Perfection". Let us just make sure that no Theosophical branch in
India has any tendency in that direction.

There is a story about a theosophical RING of the leader (- why do I think
of a Karmic Circle?).
I know a story about a Theosophical cat, which has something similar to it.

Here is the story:

There was once a great Theosophical Sufi teacher living near Balkh. He had a
circle of interested students, who were eager to learn. At a meeting a cat
came into the room, walking about the students and rubbing itself and cried
out, and disturbed the teachings of the students. At first no notice was
taken of it. But when it continued to come along every time there was a
meeting, its rubbing and crying became quite annoying to the students. The
teacher was asked what to do about the cat. He said that they could tie it
up with a string somewhere outside and away from the room. So it was caught
and taken out and placed some metres away from the room and tied to a pole,
distant enough so it couldn't disturb the teaching.

Now days and years went by - and the cat was tied the same place each time
there was a meeting, so It couldn't disturb the teaching. Well, then it
happened, that the great Theosophical teacher died. Shortly after that came
a new Theosophical teacher and the cat was still tied at the same spot when
there was a meeting. We all know, that cats doesn't live forever. And the
cat died too some years after the death of the great Theosophical teacher.
But - at that time the present students had forgot, why the cat was tied to
the pole. So they thought about the matter and brought a new cat, so it
could be tied to the pole - and the Tradition so to speak could be keept

Either you understand this teaching or you don't. This little story was
taken down by memory after reading it in one of the books of Idries Shah -
the great Theosophical Sufi teacher.

Don't you think that Idries Shah is a great Theosophical teacher ?

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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> Ah Caldwell, the ol' nemesis is back, hey? Go on
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