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re Dallas, Besant, SD III

Sep 08, 2003 03:44 PM
by Mauri

Dallas, I seem to recall that you had access to SD III at some point, so, since A.L. Cleather mentioned that Besant made many changes (thousands?) in the editing of it, could you tell us whether Besant has let the reader know about the details of her editing of it? Or is it that Besant is offering SD III as if it were "the work of HPB and the masters"?

I ask because I'm confused about why the Toronto TS here would want to "celebrate" the "life and work" of a Besant who (apparently?) mangled (among other things?) HPB's SD III. ^:-/ That is, I wonder if Besant did all that editing and left the reader in the dark about the details of her editing. If so, I fail to see how any reasonably intelligent person would want to "celebrate" her life and work (unless
it's the kind of celebrating that includes the Coulombs and various other tearer downers, in which case one might assume (?), some sort of esotericy, broader perspective might be seen to apply?).

Thanks for any help and best wishes,

PS ^:-/

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