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RE: Theos-World Impersonality and Anonymity

Sep 08, 2003 04:52 AM
by Tony

Dear Dallas

You write:

<<<A wise one observed: " .if some human beings know the existence of the
most important message to the world in untold centuries, and bring the
fact and the message to their attention, leaving it to be accepted or
rejected without drawing any attention to themselves, [then] an act of
self-effacement has been performed in order that the Message may be
judged on its own merits.the "anonymity" adopted was for the very
benefit of .all who desire to obtain that message at first hand with no
intermediate distractions.we desire most of all to place the Message of
Masters in the hands of those who wish to learn and know, without
attracting attention to ourselves or seeking any distracting notoriety.

The policy and methods of U. L. T. were instituted to avoid
personalities altogether . . .>>>

Was this the policy of the "Theosophical Society" under the founders: HPB,
Col. Olcott (don't lets forget him), W Q Judge, and others?

HPB did push herself forward without regard for herself (including her
personality) and suffered the terrible consequenses of such an unselfish
act. There was no anonymity there. And so did WQJ. And so did Col.
Olcott. With such a mission how could she/they but attract attention to
herself/themselves? Are you feeling critical of her for doing that in
quoting the above opinion? Should she be criticised for that? Without
that sacrifice, we may never have got to hear of Theosophy. She was honest
about her personality === those clothes the inner HPB was wearing for that
incarnation. There is nothing wrong in those who are strong in true
Theosophy, and are prepared to stand up and be counted in their unbounding
love for Theosophy.

Best wishes and with great respect

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