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virus warning

Sep 02, 2003 11:00 AM
by Eldon B tucker

Someone seems to be sending out virus-infected messages and forging the
"From:" line of the message header to say that the message is from,, and (For several years, the theos-talk mailing list has
not allowed attachments so that people could not accidentally send viruses
though it.)

The messages seem to be originating from a computer with IP of, which I cannot fully trace, although it goes through
Paris.FranceTelecom.Net and belongs to a group of IP's that seem to come
under Aubervilliers.FranceTelecom.Net.

I think the person's computer is currently infected and sending out
virus-infected messages to every address in its address book, so the person
may be a current or former subscriber of this list.

If anyone knows who this person may be, it'll be helpful if they were

This situation brings up again the importance of everyone having the latest
antivirus software and keeping one's antivirus definitions up to date.

-- Eldon

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