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re Leon, models, esoteric/exoteric ...

Mar 09, 2003 01:14 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 02/20/03 3:17:46 AM, writes:

Yes, karma, dependent arisings, initial assumptions, as 
those are seen from the perspective of the Esoteric 
Tradition, might generally have nothing much to do with 
such as wind tunnel, and material world modeling, but 
isn't this discussion list somewhat slanted toward the 
Esoteric Tradition, instead? And so ...'

Yes, but the only esoteric tradition we know and slant our discussion toward 
is what was taught by the Masters. However, this teaching is now exoteric, 
since it was written down in the SD. The only thing that can be esoteric, 
then, is what we understand about it from the standpoint of our intuition -- 
which could never be put into words. All we can do is use metaphors to try 
and explain such abstract truths. The wind tunnel model is one of those 
metaphors that relates to understanding what the purpose is of modeling with 
respect to the physical level of reality. All that my model of "universal 
reality" does (going several levels beyond the physical) is try to 
scientifically (in direct geometric language) explain the metaphysical 
relationships and linkages between awareness-will-mind-memory-space and 
brain/body. But, it can never explain the esoteric nature of the experience 
of those levels of consciousness, or of, awareness, thought, intuition, 
enlightenment, etc. -- which must forever remain esoteric. However, the 
model makes it easier to examine the metaphysical truths of theosophy and 
understand the unity of all things in the universe that enables us to be 
convinced that such intuition or enlightenment is possible of attainment. 

This can be done, using the model as a guide, by bringing our awareness up 
the scale of each field of consciousness from the material through the 
astral-mental to the spiritual. How? By symbolizing it as a transparent 
multidimensional mental "image" that we can visualize in contemplative 
"meditation." Thus, by seeing and concentrating on how the individual 
fields, representing all the seven states of consciousness, coenergetically 
interface with each other -- and aligning them with our inner prana energy 
fields -- we can intuitively grasp the means to willfully transfer our 
awareness step by step up the ladder of consciousness fields toward our 
spiritual consciousness field that surrounds all the others. And, then, we 
can transcend that mental image until, with a pure reflective mind, we can 
see the light of ultimate truth and beauty, etc. The final "self 
realization" at that stage -- is that ALL the interpenetrating fields and the 
"empty" zero-point they originate from, are ONE interconnected whole -- and 
we are THAT. At that stage, we can then turn around, or come down, and use 
the model effectively, not only for our own self healing, but also for 
healing others, both physically as well as mentally... By now having the 
means to teach them -- though a controlled direction of will empowered by a 
solid conviction of that truth in your own mind -- the esoteric knowledge and 
wisdom you've gained.

And so there seems to be a "difference" (in a sense) 
between "esoteric" and "exoteric" that some people don't 
seem to see ... Maybe that "difference" isn't describable, 
then, since (obviously enough?), if it WERE describable 
enough on this plane, to most people, wouldn't there be 
much less confusion about it?

Yes. But, the confusion comes from not understanding that what was once 
esoteric is now exoteric, and this teaching must now be applied so as to 
awaken oneself to the ultimate esoteric truths of reality -- that can only be 
visualized and experienced in their own minds and higher consciousness.

[Leon] previously
<<But since such words have many meanings in their 
original language (depending on their religious or 
technical aspects), I'd rather use the words "illusion" or 
"misperception" or "wrong view" or "cyclic law" or 
"action-reaction" or "lawful motion", etc., to explain what 
I mean when talking about or modeling scientific reality 
from whatever plane or point of view such a model is 
looked at.>>

Leon, you seem to want to iron out the "confusing" 
aspects of the Esoteric Tradition by scientizing even 
"karma" and "maya." It's as if you balk at the possibility, 
even, that "karma" and "maya" might ALSO have an 
"esoteric meaning" associated with them ... 

I'm not balking about that possibility. The only way we can understand those 
esoteric aspects of reality, is to examine them in the light of a correct 
(scientifically sound) model of fundamental reality. Karma is nothing more 
than the scientifically consistent action (cause-effect) of the cyclic laws 
of energy (action=reaction, harmonic progressions, resonance, induction, 
etc.) that govern the formation (out of the zero-point spinergy) of the seven 
fold nature of conditioned existence on which the forms of our physical world 
are holographically modulated -- which is Maya (Illusion, because these forms 
change from moment to moment and point to point in time and space). 
Understand that (after experiencing the ultimate reality that the model 
represents) and you will fully realize, and scientifically understand, the 
esoteric meaning of "karma" and "maya" -- so you can explain it to others 
without confusing them with mystical or supernatural vagaries or poorly 
defined foreign words.

The difference between exoteric Buddhism and exoteric theosophy, is that; 
Buddhists accept the meaning of those terms blindly, because "Buddha taught 
it" --while theosophists experience the reality of karma and Maya directly 
through a perfect understanding of the metaphysical reality explained in 
Cosmogenesis (and clarified by my ABC model which is in exact conformance 
with the formerly esoteric (secret) doctrine).

Best wishes,


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