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Re: Theos-World The reincafnation of "WC" Leadbeater

Mar 09, 2003 00:16 AM
by leonmaurer

Only your own intellectual capacity and discernment can tell you what is or 
is not "racism" (as the word applies today to prejudicial hatred of other 
"human beings" who are members of a particular race, religion, or ethnic 
group that one doesn't like or agree with). 

If you see any of that in the teachings of theosophy -- then, that doesn't 
speak too well of your ability to think and make judgments based on a clear 
and unbiased conscience or intellect. Also, since you are, admittedly, not a 
"theosophist" -- don't you agree that you are then labeling yourself as not 
being among "all those who are in the true service of humanity"? (as HPB 
defined the word "theosophist") 

If that's so, then, you are certainly acting as a "fellow traveler" with all 
those so called "Nazi Members" (Of what? Certainly not of any honest 
"theosophical" group, unless they are moles) whom you can't decide is "right 
or not in insisting theosophy is nazism." Such thoughtless waffling is what 
led most of the "Good German" population to stand by while the Nazis among 
them committed their atrocities against mankind. And, it's certainly what 
allows the Neo-Nazi racists and other theosophy twisters and distorters on 
this list to get away with their pernicious and/or diverting nonsense. (They 
know who they are -- and if the shoe fits, let them wear it.:-)

As for Leadbeater, In spite of his personal foibles, and his distortions of 
theosophy with its diversion into an organized religion based on his personal 
biases and prejudices, he was a quite knowledgeable occultist, and taught 
some profound truths about the metaphysics that underlies fundamental 

The only problem here, which Krishnamurti was wise enough to see, was that it 
is impossible to impose a "brotherhood" by enshrouding it in a "group" that 
is governed or guided by any sort of "leadership" other than one's own 
intuitive mind and consciousness, or individual conscience... Which implies, 
a total awareness of fundamental, unconditioned reality and its scientific 
and metaphysical relationship to conditioned reality. Without that, no one 
could arrive at self realization or enlightenment -- which is the quid pro 
quo of universal brotherhood. 

Unfortunately for Leadbeater and his plans to turn theosophy into a new 
messianic religion, it was his teaching of its metaphysics that allowed 
Krishnamurti to recognize that there is only one "pathless path" to 
enlightenment for each of us. And that is, the individual path we each are 
capable of taking, starting from whatever standpoint we are on our present 
line of karma. Thus, there is no single path that can fit everybody. That's 
what HPB meant by saying we each have to become a "nucleus of universal 
brotherhood" by our own individual self devised and self determined study and 

Isn't it obvious, then, that each of us has to find their "path" for 
themselves, alone? And, isn't that what theosophy is all about? All that 
group activity can do along those lines, is to allow us to ask questions and 
receive answers that might help us in finding our path. To be told by 
others, the path we should take for ourselves, is like pouring old wine in 
new bottles. 

That's why theosophy as presented by HPB and the Masters, never taught any 
particular path. It's only those that came later, and even today, who tried 
(and are still trying) to impose their ideas of a particular path or method 
on all theosophists (and non-theosophists) as if they were alike. That is 
utter nonsense and foolishness beyond comprehension... And, could be entirely 
pernicious, IMO -- since its obviates not only the three fundamental 
principles, but also the three objects of the theosophical movement -- which 
must be taken as universal and timeless interdependencies.


In a message dated 03/08/03 8:39:44 AM, writes:

>--- In, leonmaurer@a... wrote:
>> So now, at least we know 
>> that such anti-theosophists are usually, also, racists at heart and 
>can only 
>> see the rest of the world through the fog of their own prejudices.
>Your point is well taken. I am not sure if I am over reacting or 
>not, but after all this relentless emphasis on Hitler and Nazism by 
>various list members I am beginning to wonder if I have been guilty 
>oof unconscious intellectual dishonesty by denying that this is part 
>of Theosophy.
>Whether our Nazi members are right or not in insisting Theosophy is 
>Nazism, you are right that the Theosophy of Blavatsky is profound. 
>The neo-Theosophy of Leadbeater, though, would have to be 
>characterized by a less flattering set of adjectives, IMO.

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