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Independent Entity?

Feb 26, 2003 11:29 AM
by wry

This is an addendum to my previous message. The idea of an independent entity seems to be an idea that theosophy teaches (correct me if I am wrong), but I believe we can eventually sort out what are some seeming contradictions between this idea and what I have said in my previous message.The concept of monads is very fascinating to me and also the concept of karma, and I would like to enquire into these in the future, but the main point, if I am not mistaken, is to purify or cleanse some kind of configuration that relates to oneself and ones daily functioning, whatever that configuration is. In order to do this there would need to be a study of my "self" in present time and how it is moving. Perhaps the beginning of this study would be to chart the body as a physical object. If attentiveness required to do this needs to displace certain mechanical thinking that is going on, this could be painful, as the patterns of thinking are often a movement away from facing myself as I am. This a kind of data gathering, plus also, perhaps, a simple method of purification, that I can practice in my day at the same time that I am doing other activities. In this way, I can greatly accelerate my own development, and surely, time is of the essence, as I do not have unlimited time to accomplish this activity, the tendency being for anything that is not actively going against certain mechanical tendencies to become INCORPORATED into the patterns supporting those tendencies. Sincerely, Wry

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