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Wry speaks to Leon. Part One

Feb 18, 2003 10:53 AM
by wry

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Subject: Theos-World Re: re (The Grinch Revisited) or Practical Theosophy

Hi. The way you talk below is the same kind of rhetoric that. for example.
someone else is using on here when he downgrades the "Jews." To me this
kind of over-emotional generalization is a sign of fanaticism and mental
instability, in that you are unable to BREAK THE ELEMENTS APART. You are
doing more damage to theosophy than I could ever do, in that you are a
FANATIC and it does not look good.

About grip. Unless the simple principle of GRIP is understood, a universal
brotherhood will never be established, as this grip will connect human
beings to CONSCIENCE. It is also the understanding of the principle of
interconnected densities of material that will lead to the formation of a
mature and fully developed human soul, as, without a certain grip, the
astral body cannot manifest in such a way that the the other bodies can
also, simultaneously, be manifested. Your words are ravings that go in one
ear and out the other, but my words have a different quality, as I wrtie for
this group and broader humanity, as well as for myself and not just
reactively to release pressure.

A "sangha" in the Buddhist sense is a spiritual community that is organized
around a religious hierachy, but this is not how I am using this term on
this list, as I have already explained. A spiritual community, as I am using
this term here, is a community in which each member not only works for
himself, but for the good of the whole group.

If you think I am "taking over this group," that is a big compliment, but it
is not that easy to do, if I would even want to, as I have literally no
power on here, zero power, to stop anyone from sending any kind of email
they so desire, plus it is my desire and my personal pleasure to work on a
team with others who are on a level similar to my own and also with anyone
who has the well-0being of this group in mind and enough simple wisdom to be
classified in the catagory of having common sense, which you apparently do
not, and I am already working, in the spirit of cooperation, with many on
this list. The cream, whatever or whoever that is, always rises to the top,
isn't it true, if the circumstances are not so abnormal and involutionary
that this is artifically kept from happening, and there is nothing you or I
can do to stop it, except to commit a sin that is unforgivable, to use
Christian terminology.

As far as using "ad hominem arguments, YOU are doing this, not I (See your
own words below and this will be quite clear). And as far as using "hypnotic
mantras, and symbolic or spiritualistic ritual magic," and all the rest you
say below, which I hope everyone will read, this is not only not me, but it
is also not anyone. I personally am not attracted to magic, either "black"
or "white." both of which not only repulse me, but only in conscious doing,
which ultimately, if it is extended into GREATER DOING means simply helping
other human beings to be more conscious.

It is true, as you say, that "those who have eyes to see and ears to hear
willl know them by their fruits." And by the fruits of my activities,
people will come to know me.

Finally, I do believe that in making this email, you are attempting to
elicit a response from me, as I have not been on this list for a few days,
and in this you have succeeded. Whether you like it or not, I am more
capable and qualified of representling Madame Blavatsky and her teachings
than are you, but of course this is a matter of opinion. If you stick to
simple ideas and do not get so emotional that you are foaming at the mouth
without really saying anything, you will have a better chance of connecting
to the simple earth, which is the basis for the great Work. This message is
made in the spirit of love and is not intended to harm you. Sincerely, Wry

> So, tell that to all the other bleeding heart dreamers and self centered
> trippers who insist on bypassing and downgrading the teachings of
> and its objects (that offers a solid foundation for such practical
> application) to "feed" their own personal development, and/or who attempt
> form their own personally led, personality promoting "Sanghas" or
> brotherhoods" centered around a charismatic leader -- by infiltrating and
> taking over theosophy mailing lists with "hidden agendas" that use secret
> words, ad hominem arguments, hypnotic mantras, and symbolic or
> ritual magic, or proselytizing personal God and messiah oriented vicarious
> atonement, through blind beliefs and ritualistic practices that deny all
> fundamental principles of theosophy, including the laws of karma and
> reincarnation. These are the "false prophets" with their slippery
> mentally obfuscating babble that all the great Masters of Wisdom from
> to the Mahatmas have continually warned us about listening to or
> Those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear will know them by their
> So, maybe this is the place to "talk about such things"
> Best wishes,

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