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Re: re (The Grinch Revisited) or Practical Theosophy

Feb 17, 2003 04:23 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 02/17/03 10:26:33 AM, writes:

>Sounds like a sampling of Theosophy in practice. If enough people
>thought that way, who knows ...

Thanks, Mauri. Yes, that's the kind of practical theosophy in "real world" 
action that might make the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity a practical 
reality someday. In my view it's the only way a "nucleus" (which is a 
central "point source" of attraction) can assemble around it a seed, which 
grows into a tree, and all the trees, together, produce the forest that can 
generate its own seedlings by affinity, reflection and emulation. 

It's too bad my corporations never grew near the size of a Microsoft. If 
they had, the world might have become a much different place today. But, 
then, karma works in strange ways. Now, all I can do is point out the way -- 
for others, hopefully, to carry out the practice. 

Isn't it obvious that a true and lasting Universal Brotherhood can only come 
about when the public and private corporate vehicles of economic, cultural, 
social, and governmental support become "humanized" by giving them the 
conscience of their employees -- working together as mutually supportive 
brothers and brotherhoods of true compassion and practical altruism? Groups 
of theosophical students or members of any theosophical society, working for 
their own self realization, can accomplish nothing along those lines. Were 
each of those theosophists, however, to change the mind of one corporate 
owner into teaching and using the "employee ownership" and "multiple 
management" systems based on theosophical principles -- a real "Universal 
Brotherhood" could be turned into a fact practically overnight.

That's what HPB and WQJ meant by "practical idealism" -- which is the 
application of all the theosophical teachings that are necessary to fulfill 
the three objects of the Theosophical Movement (now in its last and final 100 
year cycle). The teachings are all out there. Now is the time to put them 
into practical use in the real world that we, all our children (and all their 
children) have to live in. 

So, tell that to all the other bleeding heart dreamers and self centered ego 
trippers who insist on bypassing and downgrading the teachings of theosophy 
and its objects (that offers a solid foundation for such practical 
application) to "feed" their own personal development, and/or who attempt to 
form their own personally led, personality promoting "Sanghas" or "organized 
brotherhoods" centered around a charismatic leader -- by infiltrating and 
taking over theosophy mailing lists with "hidden agendas" that use secret 
words, ad hominem arguments, hypnotic mantras, and symbolic or spiritualistic 
ritual magic, or proselytizing personal God and messiah oriented vicarious 
atonement, through blind beliefs and ritualistic practices that deny all the 
fundamental principles of theosophy, including the laws of karma and 
reincarnation. These are the "false prophets" with their slippery grippery, 
mentally obfuscating babble that all the great Masters of Wisdom from Krishna 
to the Mahatmas have continually warned us about listening to or following. 
Those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear will know them by their fruits. 

So, maybe this is the place to "talk about such things"

Best wishes,

--------------------Original Message-----------------------------
>Leon wrote: <<John,
>Thanks for the reference. I didn't check the source 
>when I forwarded the piece. I'm not Marxist, so I'm not 
>much in favor of the kind of militant communism 
>promoted by the WWP. But, I believe in employee 
>owned corporations, and cross the board profit sharing 
>within a capital based free market system where 
>financers can also own shares with values 
>commendurate with their investments. When I was a 
>corporate entrepreneur many years ago, all my 
>corporations were employee owned and investior 
>shared. I think this multiple management system is 
>more in line with theosophical principles, and if 
>universally applied, under a truly representative 
>democratic governmental structure could result in a 
>better balance of wealth, as well as freedom among all 
>the people -- without its top heavy concentration
>among the favored few, as is currently the case -- or 
>require a corruption and dictator prone central planning 
>system that makes socialist governments so
>oppressive. But, this isn't the place to talk about such 
>things. :-) Best Regards, LHM>>>

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