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Re: [bn-study] Re: Scientific correlations with theosophy - PART 2

Feb 17, 2003 10:09 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 02/17/03 5:53:20 PM, writes:

>Hey!! what hints? I have been trying to sort this stuff out too. How
>do I HEAR the words? Just start reciting aloud at page one? WHAT?!

That hint is a good place to begin. When you read a sentence out loud, and 
use different inflections, putting emphasis in the right places depending on 
the punctuation (and on the typographic "hints" that HPB used very cleverly) 
-- the meaning subtly, and sometimes, profoundly changes -- since the aural 
sounds go much deeper into one's direct comprehending intuitive mind than the 
bare written words do when read silently. 

Remember, we learn to speak, hear, and make ourselves understood and 
understand others -- by using and observing both sound and body language -- 
long before we learn to read. HPB wrote her sentences orally by also using 
"Font body language" so to speak (big caps, little caps, bold type, italics, 
quotes, asterisks, daggers, signs, symbols, glyphs, etc., etc.). This is what 
HPB meant by reading the SD "in and around the words and between the lines." 
A good place to try this out is starting with the three fundamental 
principles on page 14 in the Proem of the SD. Is that enough hints -- for 

><< 'that's strictly up to the individual who can follow the lines laid
>down and has the balls to do the work. Reading (studying) the SD is
>only the first step.' ...
>... 'All I can do is give hints, such as how to read the SD aloud to see and
>hear the word forms, how to look for and correlate the few lines of
>direct training/teaching (that could be scattered over hundreds of pages
>of extraneous words covering scriptural confirmations), how to draw
>pictures and diagrams of what one correlates, how to recognize and
>analyze symbolic diagrams, interpret metaphors, etc>>

>Well, balls, as it were, I have, to do what is right; I just want to be
>able to do all of the realizing myself, alone and with the first step,
>which begins with understanding the SD.
>Mkaye, I am really hoping you'll give me some kind of clue to start !!

That's just what I've already done. But, in addition, you also have to 
search through the SD and find where HPB teaches all about symbols, signs and 
glyphs, etc. 

So, now you know how to get and understand the oral teachings directly (the 
way the Kabbala and the Kau-Ti have always been transmitted -- "mouth to 
ear") by reading the SD OUT LOUD to yourself. But, that study should follow 
the path laid down by HPB (which commander Bowen relayed to us). And, you 
also know how to interpret symbols, etc. (Remember, words as well as numbers 
are symbols.) 

But, there's still more to do. And that is, learning how to meditate on what 
you READ and HEAR. A good help for that is Patanjali's yoga aphorisms. 
"Meditating with a seed," as he suggests for beginners -- is being able to 
see and hear a thought form using both one's left and right brain 
simultaneously -- words on one side, sounds on the other, and pictures in the 

Whatever the ideas (generated by what is studied) that you are meditating on 
-- when those words, pictures and sounds coincide (align, superimpose, etc.) 
and become a clear ideation in your mind -- you've GOT IT... And then, you 
can take a deep breath and go on to the next seed thought (which could be the 
next paragraph in the SD). And so on. Eventually, if you keep that up, even 
one sentence, paragraph, or page at a time, you'll get it all. (And, not too 
long either if you take all the shortcuts recommended by HPB.) 

>To be self-chosen first is requiring self realization, right...? Well,
>I could use a hint here. I've acquired a book called Scientific
>Affirmations, based on the self-realization fellowship, based on the
>teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Along with this book I have a book
>on Vapassana meditation and of course I have Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms
>[the little blue book, WQJs interpretation of].

That's some good supplementary stuff to study and practice. Vapassana can 
heal the body while Patanjali heals the mind. (And, you might even add the 
Voice of the Silence to heal the heart.) 

But to be self chosen doesn't require self realization first. "Self chosen" 
means that you have chosen to use your own self devised and self determined 
efforts to become self realized. Following the path of study and meditation 
will then lead not only to correct knowledge and wisdom, but also to self 
realization and "enlightenment." What comes first is strictly up to you. 
But, there's no reason why they can't all come together. As I said, all I 
can do is point out a direction and offer a few hints for the receptive and 
eager-to-go forward student. Others may have different directions and hints, 
but those are the ones that worked for me.

>I want to be effective, make a difference. But before I can help
>others, I must know myself. 'You also have to know that the
>teaching/training is there'

Correct. And, your aspirations are also admirable. Well, now you know the 
teaching/training is there to find and, if you've paid attention, how to use 
it. So, to know oneself is to first ask the question (to yourself and HPB) 
"Who am I?" Then, go to her books and articles, follow the path laid down by 
her using the hints given here and there -- and find out for yourself.

>So, won't you consider giving me some direction, please??

I'm sure the directions and hints already given should be clear enough. 

Best wishes, and may your karmic path be smooth and productive.


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