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Re: Theos-World re Leon, models - multidimensional reality

Feb 16, 2003 09:14 PM
by leonmaurer


That's not easy to explain in words. Actually it's both. The 
multidimensional fields of consciousness are enfolded within each other as a 
descending series of spherical fields within spheres within spheres in triune 
groups in which the twin inner fields are adjacent to each other. Visualize 
each such monad in cross section as a figure 8 inscribed in a circle. 
Actually, since all the fields originate from coadunate zero-points, through 
which their energy rays cross wherever those fields touch, they are adjacent 
at those points from the outside in and, at the same time, are within a 
surrounding field that they are adjacent to from the inside out. Best way to 
visualize this is to go to:
and click on the link: "Meditative Visualization of Triple Energy Flows" 

You can work first with a solitary dual inner field Monad on one zero-point 
center plane of consciousness, and then progress to the entire 14 inner field 
manifold on seven zero point inner plane centers of consciousness. Visualize 
those centers as being superimposed on the seven physical body chakras in 
order to follow the flow of Prana energy through the human auric fields. 

Best wishes,


In a message dated 02/16/03 8:42:17 PM, writes:

>When you speak of multidimensional realities you mean
>multidimensions that are within eachother, not
>adjacent to eachother. Is this correct?

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