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Re: Theos-World Re: On Reincarnaiton -- Questions & Answers

Feb 16, 2003 02:59 AM
by leonmaurer

Herr Reitemeyer: 

Your continued irrational anti semitic and anti American rantings are getting 
to be a bore.

If that's your idea of evidence based on opinions or random remarks by 
equally misled, prejudiced, or mistaken people (regardless of their 
notoriety) -- about a subject that can be proven scientifically -- then your 
paranoid prejudicial nonsense that judges entire groups of people by their 
belief in a particular religion, their distinctive conditions or physical 
characteristics, or the actions of their ancestors in an entirely different 
historical epoch -- is as ignorant, arrogant, false, and as viciously RACIST 
as the "Master Race" philosophies promulgated by Hitler and the countless 
thousands of your German elitist compatriots who agreed with and followed his 
Nazi party lines and participated in or looked the other way during the 
enslavement and murdering of 6 million "inferior" people during WW2. Do all 
those who abhor such evil acts have the right, now and in perpetuity, to 
condemn and persecute the entire German people as a "race" (as if there could 
be such a thing) for the crimes of their ancestors? Your kind of twisted 
racist reasoning is the only thing that might condone such a response.

You can't deny these truths, because I was there in 1945 (in Military 
Intelligence as a Historical Photographer and communication expert) and saw 
the bodies, ovens and mass graves, and helped verify the body counting from 
all the Nazi concentration camps -- as well as printed and correlated the 
photographic files, some of which were used later at the Nuremberg trials. I 
also processed in my lab in Darmstadt, hundreds of rolls of film taken 
unofficially by front line soldiers who liberated some of those camps. While 
the government didn't want to release those ugly pictures in the US -- (for 
political reasons, I suppose, fearing a kick back from the American public 
because of the former Nazi rocket scientists and technicians they were 
bringing out as well as the Marshall Plan contracts for rebuilding of Germany
's infrastructure) -- I was instrumental in smuggling many official and 
unoficial prints of the ovens, bodies and open graves out of Germany and 
leaking them to the US press in November of 1945, while other friends in MI 
and OSS leaked the total body count numbers. Since those pictures were also 
used to help finance the Israeli Army on Cypress in 1946 with ships, guns and 
ammunition, you might as well blame me for the "Return to Israel" of the 
Jewish nation. :-) 

>From my experience with interrogating military officers and other German 
officials after WW2, you sound now like you (if you were old enough then) 
would have been an ideal member of the SS. As a self professed theosophist, 
you make a travesty of the teachings of HPB about Universal Brotherhood and 
the ethical/moral principles of theosophy... Since, all you seem to be able 
to extract from the SD is the same Aryan racism and anti Semitism the Nazi's 
intentionally misinterpreted, distorted and propagandized to justify their 
inhumanities, including slavery and extermination of Jews and other falsely 
labeled "inferior races" -- to achieve world conquest and make "lebensraum" 
for German Aryan Master Racists like yourself -- who base their judgements of 
superiority on the outward characteristics of one's physical body shape and 

As all your opinions seem to be based on your own personal hatreds and 
prejudices, rooted in your arrogant, elitist, German Master Race warrior 
culture mentality, why should anyone believe you about anything? Even your 
selective historical research appears to be obviously colored by your 
personal inbred racist and anti-Semitic beliefs, biases, misjudgments, and 

In any event, how could the sins of the fathers be the karma of their sons? 
What difference would it make if someone was the descendant of Moses or any 
other ancient Hebrew, Israelite, Sepahardic, or "Ashkenazi" Jew? And even if 
those people's ancestors did something you consider as evil, what relation 
would that have to the guilt or innocence of their modern descendants? What 
gives you the right to judge them? What kind of "authorities" on race or 
religion are all those famous people whose names you dropped? Saying you 
have all their "statements" and can pull them out of your records is just a 
lot of "implied lie" (or "sly lie" as we called it in the trade) propaganda 
bluster. And, even if you could dig them out, what scientific value would 
such opinionated non-evidence have? And, what is the nature of an 
"artificial race" (unless its the fact that you and your kind have 
arbitrarily and prejudicially "created" the Hebrew religionists as a race in 
your own minds, so as to justify your own racism and anti-Semitism)? And, 
what do the "political and geographical implications" of your innuendo loaded 
questions have to do with proving your case that such so called "Jews" are a 
race? Such tricky propaganda ploys are as transparent as water. Talk about 
a joker (or should I say downright prevaricator)? -- you take the cake.

Therefore, to anyone with any discernment, your statements below -- as well 
as in all your previous anti-Semitic and Hitler's Master Race justifying 
diatribes, denials of the holocaust and other historical realities, that 
sound like nothing more than the irrational ranting of a small minded, 
paranoid racist and conspiracy freak -- would appear to be a lot of claptrap 
with no rational or scientific credibility whatsoever. 


(One might also wonder what the German or American federal authorities might 
say about such Neo-Nazi, anti Semitic, racist, and antigovernment propaganda 
you regularly spew out publicly on the Internet open access mail lists?) 

In a message dated 02/14/03 4:21:12 PM, writes:
>of religious believers (Jews are neither a tribe nor a race) would have
>Nice joke.
>I have hundreds of statements from leading Jews past and present that Jews
>are a race, from Karl Marx over Benjamin Disraeli to Benjamin Franklin,
>Menachim Begin and Chaim Weizmann.
>Do you want me to go to my shelves and look for them?
>And why did HPB classify the Jews as a race? Moreover as an artificial race?
>Another question would be: Are the Jews today the decendants of the 
>and biblical Hebrews or not? And if not, if they actually were just 
>what political and geographical implications would follow from it?

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