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Re: Theos-World apologies

Feb 15, 2003 09:32 AM
by Etzion Becker

I don't love the beast in myself and others. I am working silently, being
well aware that all those ignorant souls all over the planet behave this
way, because when I had the opportunity of giving them the proper directive,
I didn't do so. (It is for the sake of our academic discussion, that I view
the failures of the spiritual people the past 3000 years). I purposefully
say *I*, and not *we*, which is true as well, because each one of us did
participate in past opportunities for the healing of humankind, and we have
failed. Maybe you didn't, I don't have any idea about your personal karma.
Maybe you are a fresh soul, and you have nothing to do with past failures.
Neverthless, these failures brought us here, and humankind has no real
spiritual leaders to direct her on the right path. I don't think that Mr.
Bush knows much about this, neither my grocer. What are you going to do?
Demonstrate henceforth against all ignorant humans, who don't know the
Truth? The ignorant ones can breed only ignorant leaders. I live in one of
the centers of world fear - Jerusalem, and to stay calm and serene is real
work, take my word for it. Maybe your karma is to fight evil, enjoy it. We
are different, and our tasks are vastly different. But if your Master would
show you, that because of your past negligence Bush became such a devil,
even I don't think so (and it has nothing to do with my being an Israeli or
a *Jew*, I see myself as a world-person), then I wonder how would you look
at this. I participated in the past (very shortly) with such protests
against our leaders due to some of our silly wars, (during the 70s), but
quickly realized that my focus is not on the physical plane - the pure solid
heart is the key. Then our physical actions can have meaning. Best wishes,
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> That kind of love is fine when it is directed toward the higher nature in
> of us, But having a dislike for the acts of the lower nature in any of us
> of no karmic concern. To stand by, without protest, and allow others to
> evil that may harm innocents, is more deadly to one's karma. As the
> Master said, "Inaction in a deed of mercy is action in a deadly sin."
> one thing my Master told me is, "Never say never." So, one need not
> for thinking that a man like G. Bush is ignorant and thoughtless, and may
> become a baby killer. To stop him and save him from his karma, would be a
> deed of mercy -- both toward him as well as the children he might kill
> his personal war.
> Namaste,

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