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RE: [bn-study] HPB or Mme. Blavatsky, or Helena Blavatsky, etc...

Feb 15, 2003 03:28 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Dear Friend:

What's in a name ?

Perhaps a great deal. May I offer some thoughts on this ?

One of the first things that H P B tried to explain (as I understand
it) is that the ABSOLUTE being universal is something we all share in.
The symbol is not reducible to a diagram on paper. It is an IDEAL,
and the "idea" of SPACE is employed to assist us to grasp it.

When we pass (in thought) from this conditionless DUALITY supervenes
in the contrast of SPIRIT and MATTER -- or the UNIVERSAL MONAD.

To enable SPIRIT to perceive MATTER (no matter how refined) an
intermediary, (or an interpreter) us required. This third essential
is MAHAT -- the Universal Mind.

Thus the Manifested THREE IN ONE is formed.

The material size of a unit of CONSCIOUSNESS is impossible to define.
We may think of it as a "Potency, or a Force or an Energy" without in
any way limiting or localizing it. Only the assumption of a "form"
does this personalizing -- the creation of a temporary mask within
which the SPIRITUAL SELF may focus a portion of its powers. Thus we
have the uncountable Monads.

The highest aspect of "ourselves" is, during this period of evolution,
the ATMIC "ray". With it is associated the primordial substance
(matter) that is its eternal "twin." With both of thee there is the
exchange of intelligence and understanding on a primeval spiritual
level. From these are derived the various planes and forms in which
the one consciousness can manifest. This Manas, mind and the force
and energy of motion, thought, desire, virtue, brotherhood, universal
compassion and love, arise.

Theosophy holds that these three are conjoined (and as symbol the
"cadeuceus" is used) these eternals are : Atma, Buddhi and Manas.
( or the THREE IN ONE ).

Since every human, as well as all beings of whatever kind in Nature
shares these, the concept of Universal Brotherhood is the best way of
expressing the situation and condition.

There are apparently degrees of experience and these lend their
qualities to any one being. They will always distinguish one
Spiritual-Soul from others, and give IT its Individuality.

But there is no place I have found in the logic and metaphysics of
Theosophy where a "Creator," a kind of super-Being, in the religious
personalized sense, is posited as necessary, or actually possible.
Every being is sui generis -- self-made. The Absolute, Spirit, Soul,
Mind need no "Creator," they ARE. These four, taken together, are the
primordial and ever-existent TETRAGRAMMATON.

H P B has gone on record herself -- in letters to her family --
(published in PATH magazine, edited by Mr. W. Q. Judge, in Vols. 8, 9
and 10), explaining the nature of her personal and spiritual
abilities, and her work as a "messenger" for the members of the Great
Lodge of ancient Adepts.

>From Them, and for Them, she worked, so as to present mankind again
with the invariable truths and facts -- the HISTORY -- of progress
represented by evolution. We have in consequence the SECRET DOCTRINE.

She desired (as I understand it) in the use of "H P B" to indicate
the INDIVIDUALITY that she Was and the use of other designations such
as "Helena Blavatsky," "Mme. Blavatsky," etc.. were relating to her
as a personality. She desires, as I understand, to make the
difference clear.

If you desire to call "Spiritual Perfection" -- "the realm of
Heaven," it appears to be the use of a term devised by "religion" to
indicate a spiritual condition in physical and personal terms -- which
is not one that I have found used generally in Theosophy.

Theosophy directs us to the universal without any "stepping stones"
that relate to physical things.
pp. 14-19) show that this is a clear proposition to use impersonal
and metaphysical concepts, even if they are difficult, as a teaching
device to depersonalize our Lower-manasic minds.

Best wishes,



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Subject: [bn-study] HPB

Beyond nattering about the manners of referencing the late Helena
Blavatsky, since it is she whom we are speaking to, since it is she
passed with her body, at her death. The rest of her life and her work
a matter of amanuensis, as she explained. She was recording the
and compiling it as it was given to her to make with. In this sense,
Helena was not her work, though to receive the body of the material,
had to bring herself into a very personal and localized state of
being, in
which she bore no resemblance to her waking self, Helena, as she had
launched into an oracle behavior that comes only when a person has
called directly from the Creator, or It's orthogenetic urge. Helena
chosen to receive, and she acknowledged in humility, that she was
chosen by developing another method for referencing her corporal self
she was actively receiving information. You see, this was an act of
humility, for she would not think to claim these things in her own
knowing that she was under the directives of divine inspiration. In
sense that she was chosen, she saw herself as being mandated by the
Creator to offer no recourse but to stand and accept the task that was
be hers. The person that Helena Blavatsky was, and the spirit that
embodied and made her own were both testaments to God moving through
or enthusiasm. Helena was a Holy woman, let it be known, for she was
humble abider in the hands of the Lord. Know these things and there
be no more cause for discussions on this matter and that we all will
imbibed of a new light and vision in these times and will come to
acknowledge and regard all things in their true lights and with their
commensurate respect and gratitude. Helena would want not for her
to orbit underneath her hood, biding topics that have no practical
in them. She sacrificed her life so that others could have this
knowledge. She spent her life recording all this and becoming the
to God-in-her so that others wouldn't have to go to as much trouble to
it for themselves. Helena knew that her task was one that was
necessary at
her time, as America was fast becoming colonated and the timeless
would need to be planted on the new soil so that a new tradition could
among the people so that they might be impelled ever towards
and evolution. From Helena's contributions and fervency rose the
Theosophical movements in AMerica and also united ties with branches
worldwide. These were times in AMerica where plenty of big things
going on but the poele remained ever aloof and uninformed. This is
because these things were occuring just on the other side of a
veil that separated the general reference frame (hyperbolic-world
from this other set of events, located on a different light-cone,
from the general reference frame of the rest, though still occuring in
same time and space. SO let us recognize the spirit of all ventures
religious, scientific, and theosophic, in which we live our lives, for
truly, expression is the last consilient medium that unites wisdom to
character. Let us all take up our crosses and walk, trough life, as a
radiant vessel of our knowledge, emitting the verity of all these
that we know to be true, and the way things work in the universe and
they always have. Be not an equal sacrifice. Surely, you only do
disservice to the life of Helena Blavatsky and the devotion of her
spiritual life (HPB) to recording the materials as they were given to
Do not forget that she did these things so that we wouldn't have to.
Come let us now not unite ourselves to fastened causes, let us breath
the ever-renewing air and to cast our sights upon the ever-brilliant
of life, as it is upon us all. Take to being disciples of these
and seek out the light in others, wherever you are, so that you too
be called a true disciple of the kingdom of Heaven. Be not fooled,
is only one Kingdom, and it is open to all, no matter their creeds, so
long as they set to walk the upful life. To share joy and light and
to be
an expression of these high truths as you know them to be, this is
task as Disciples, the rest is just busywork. Let the new day shine
the sun rises again in the east and falls over the west. Let us all
the call, that we will be ready in this time. These are the words as
have always been.

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