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Re: My friends @ Theos-World Wore is no issu

Feb 14, 2003 02:51 PM
by Theo Paijmans

John, in war times, we would have called your behaviour collaboratism. I can't
believe that you would have done such a thing, just because you do not agree with
his viewpoints.


Theo wrote:

> Dear Hans,
> It wasn't Clinton that took down the Berlin Wall and began the end of
> the Cold War, it was Pres. Reagan (he he) and Mikhail Gorbhachov (he he)!
> BTW, I have forwarded your interesting e-mail to the U.S. Secret
> Servicem, the
> F.B.I., Interpol, the Anti-terorism Network and several other parties of
> interest. May
> you live in interesting times.
> John

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