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Re: My friends @ Theos-World Wore is no issu

Feb 14, 2003 12:33 PM
by hansvruling

lol! may you find a smelly sock bombs in your post box.. ..

any way you think they don't know a bout the spy net work its those that
made this story up rofl ,, happy times in your dream world mate,, ill hear
your voice if every one ends up hating Americans ill be seeing you rofl!..

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Subject: Re: My friends @ Theos-World Wore is no issu

> Dear Hans,
> It wasn't Clinton that took down the Berlin Wall and began the end of
> the Cold War, it was Pres. Reagan (he he) and Mikhail Gorbhachov (he
> BTW, I have forwarded your interesting e-mail to the U.S. Secret
> Servicem, the
> F.B.I., Interpol, the Anti-terorism Network and several other parties
> interest. May
> you live in interesting times.
> John
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