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Re: Theos-World hybrid offshoot/a direct consequence of the bloody riots

Feb 09, 2003 01:29 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Bart, the war took place at least with the launching of the Jesuitic Society by Ignaz of Loyola and its major aim to slaughter that country which fought the most against Rome in the first 30 year's war.
Rome is regarded by Benjamin Disraeli as the exoteric HQ of Jewish Cabalism. The esoteric HQ of that black magic organization is Jafed and works behind the curtain.

There is a new, careful analysis of the Jewish blood track thru the Centuries and continents out by German historian Wolfgang Eggert. His work consists of 3 vols., titled: "im Namen Gottes. Israels Geheimsvatikan als Vollstrecker biblischer Prophetie" [In the name of God. Israel's secret Vatican as executor of biblical prophecy), 2001, ISBN 3-935845-00-6 (for all 3 vols.).
Here Mr Eggert quotes from a mass of primary Jewish - or rather Zionist - sources. In other words: no "anti-Semitic" slanders from foes, but thousands of original sources of the leading Jews themselves, assuming responsibility for World War I, World War II, the Bolshevist revolutions of 1905 and 1917 in Russia, the National-Socialistic revolution in Germany etc. etc., as outlined by the Jew Karl Marx under Rothschild orders.

All this evils and crimes are justified by the Jewish sources as worship for Jehovah and the coming of a new Messiahs. The summary of this sources is: The more the nations are horrified, the more humankind has to suffer, the more wars and the more revolutions and holocausts are produced by the Jewish secret Vatican the earlier comes the Messiahs.
BTW, does that a Theosophist remind on certain pseudo-theosophical activities of Annie Besant, who was rather under pledge of Jewish Parisian Cabalists then of Tibetan Mahatmas? Was Besant's staged Messiahs drumming just a foreplay? A test for 2020? Are new Holocausts in the making?

Today, at the dawn of World War III (which would have been now at its top had it not been for Germany who tries all as always and ever to stop the Jewish American madmen) the Jews declare also that it is their plot work.
The Zionist actions of the Jew Lenin in Russia alone against the innocent Russian Jews with his neck-shot commandos of the Bolshevist Jewish Commissars alone did cost around 50 Million people their life, according to the Black book of Communism.
The slaughter of the Jewish SJ in the first 30 year's war (the second one was to John Major from 1914-1939) led to the destruction of 2/3 of the population in Germany.
Counted all in all together, until now the Jews have killed at 500 Millions. If you add the millions of negroes and red Indians to it, their terrible suppressions were also mainly done by Jewish organizations, you come to a figure of 1 Billion or more. And no memorial for them!

You should also consider the cover up book by Jewish author Aron Morus and ex Masonic insider and his book "Conspiracy", Isle of Man 1994, where he prints several insider documents of the black magic (Jewish) Paris Masons, that in WWIII hundreds of millions of Arabs have to be killed for the glory of Jehovah. This was published as said in 1994!
That was before the 9-11 and Space Shuttle stories!

Of high interests to Blavatsky students my also be the 2000 book of Vienna historian Miss Elisabeth Heresch: "Geheimakte Parvus. Die gekaufte Revolution" [Top secret file Parvus. The brought revolution]. According to new Russian documents she proofs that Jewish insider Parvus alias Helphand was major instrumental in the October revolution with the help of the Rothschilds. This is a clear later on historical proof of HPB's claim in the 1880's that the Rothschild bank in New York pays murders and all the mob to make violent revolution in Russia. That seems to have been her rationale in declaring that no Communist must be a TS member and that the TS was launched to fight Socialism.

Also "The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin may be of interest. Despite the fact that the Thora is according HPB just a retranslation of Greek texts and that therefore hardly any code can be found (except those self fulfilling prophecy they want us to believe), Drosnin writes in that book (appeared in Germany in 1997) that World War III is coming and it will begin with atomic first strike of Israel. Does that mean that Drosnin is an antisemitic Jew or does he have insider information of a bigger plan for the glory of Jehovah?

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Jeremy Condick wrote:
> All the rest, including the traditional
> fierce fights of the "chosen people" with their next of kin, the 
> idolatrous tribes of Israel, 

When did these fierce fights take place? What historical evidence of
these fights is there?


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