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Hidden Secrets

Feb 07, 2003 07:14 AM
by MKR

HPB stated:

>There were portions of the Secret Science that for incalculable ages had to
>remain concealed from
>the profane gaze. But this was because to impart to the unprepared multitude
>secrets of such tremendous importance, was equivalent to giving a child a
>lighted candle in a powder magazine.

One of the areas where not much details have been given in early 
theosophical material is about how some great events took place -- such as 
how the Egyptian Civilization disappeared, Mayans disappeared, what were 
the conditions in North America before the emigration from Europe etc.

I suspect the specific details of the mechanism that operated behind these 
are perhaps info of such great potential danger to humanity in the hands of 
selfish people and nations. In this age of modern technology with knowledge 
of atomic power and what can be done with microbes and viruses and other 
items which can be weaponized, countries and people could easily cause mass 
destruction, if some of the precise details of past happenings are known.

Just a "speculation".



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