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Re: Theos-World Re: Wry on Blavatsky: Part Four

Feb 06, 2003 08:49 PM
by Etzion Becker

Dear Dallas, I didn't follow this thread, but I do appreciate your loving
patience. You have the ability of calming and comforting raging souls. I
congratulate you for this. Lovingly, Etzion

From: <>
> Thursday, February 06, 2003
> Dear Wry:

> I am sorry if I unwittingly offended you.
> I do not recall your asking me not to post replies or comments on your
> postings elsewhere.
> I would have observed that if I had. This is the last time I will do
> so, to complete the link.
> I thought you understood that the posting of Internet correspondence
> is read by a wide sector of interested people -- not all of whom
> respond, and not all of whom agree.
> In Theosophy (the study of TRUTH) we have no secrets, and we do not
> present two aspects of ourselves (and our opinions) to different sets
> of people.
> We try to write as Souls deeply interested in securing help (by
> comparison and discussion) from one another in our search for truth.
> In this we are united and not divided. I do not see how you can call
> this a "dirty tactic." My method has the benefit of letting everyone
> to be able to deal with things in common -- no "secrets."
> Perhaps some help can be offered to us, by any one interested.
> The fact that we have several groups that correspond openly among
> themselves -- as apparently not all members know all those in other
> groups -- and then cover greater areas, indicates to me that there is
> a wide and a common interest in finding out what Theosophy explains
> and covers, and how we may view different subjects. And, I think, on
> examination, we can say: we are all progressing in our individual
> studies as well as jointly. I am of the opinion that the individual
> practice of Universal Brotherhood -- the primary objective of the
> It is with this in mind that I post to all: to read or not, to make
> judgment or not, to advance mutual help or not, to provide helpful
> insights or not -- as I do.
> Best wishes,
> Dallas

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