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re Steve's "Pure Land," Devachan, techniques for transcending those ...

Feb 06, 2003 08:33 PM
by Mauri

Steve wrote: << According to legend, the denizen of the 
Pure Land ecentually exhausts all his or her good 
karma. He or she then sees his or her garments begin to 
tatter or soil. The fruits on the trees begin to show signs 
of overripeness. And these are the signs that good 
karms is soon to be exhausted and the dweller will "die" 
out of the Pure Land and be reborn in another of the six 
realms. >> 

If one is successful in neutralizing enough karma to 
substantially transcend karmic repercussions, I suspect 
that that might lead to various forms of greater stability ...
That is, I'm speculating that such stability might be 
possible, sooner or later, for those who have learned their 
lesson from experiencing enough of such as overripe 
fruit, tattered duds, wrinkles, gray hairs, stains, rainy 
days, poor TV programming, empty peanut butter jars, 
bad hair days, warm pop, unsalted peanuts, healthfood, 
etc, etc ...


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