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Re: Theos-World RE: yoga and "surrender"

Feb 02, 2003 01:11 PM
by Etzion Becker

According to my Master, the mind with all its stuff, lock store and barrel,
continue to go with us after so called *death*. Death is no more but a
conclusion of a chapter on earth, on the infinite line of existence.
Everything that we generated during this phase, is being stuck to us, like a
lead coat, or a golden coat. I see oneself as one entity, the eternal I
Am-ness whom we can feel at a moment of utter silence, or during deep sleep.
I personally don't think about these things, and i don't care about personal
fate. I love my Beloved, personal or impersonal, and my sole concern is His
Companionship. I actually know nothing besides this. I have never squeezed
my brains in order to understand the mechanics of the cosmos or the divine
About surrender, why not to surrender to love, and become its source?
Knowledge without love is like dry hay; and love without knowledge is like
giving atomic bomb in the hands of Saadam Husein. Danger looms where the
individual is worried about his spiritual success. Spiritual success is the
worst kind of craving. As far as I can see it, a person should enfold those
who *below* himself, help all to come to his stage. Automatically, the
Divine Hierarchy will take care of such a person who fulfils his divine role
properly. When a person tastes once the taste of Divine Love, he will
surrender fully to its tyranny - just the same as a fish surrenders to the
waters he swims within.

From: <>

> Jan 31 2003
> Dear Friends:
> When one talks of "surrender" it seems to me we are talking of the
> personality and its consciousness originating in our physical bodies
> and emotions chiefly. We may even include our thoughts in those, and
> make it a composite of feelings, stimuli, and thoughts. We all know
> this dissipates at death. {Remains to be discussed: what happens
> with the impresses and links we have forged during the life of the
> personality. Does individual responsibility and Karma carry them
> forward -- to a new incarnation ?}
> But then we find we are able to look at this composite from a
> stand-point that is other than it. If so, then, we find there is
> within us a second entity, (shall we call it a MIND ?) and this has
> the power of detachment from the first. If we should name it
> Individuality, we will have the duality in every human being of
> "personality," and of "Individuality."
> Now we seem to have three entities: personality, mind and a
> SUPERVISORY PRESENCE within us which we might look on as the ETERNAL
> SELF. {Perhaps this is the "Monad."}
> Looking around us we find the earth, our world, and the universe
> pervaded by laws. We cannot assume we are exempt, even if one of our
> powers is to choose.
> Theosophy holds that there is a universal ethos, or a set of rules
> whereby entities that are interdependent work and live with each
> other. (Karma -- action and reaction)
> It also holds that the Individuality has two other components: Wisdom
> and a knowledge of the truth of all things. ( Buddhi and Atma)
> We might "surrender" our personality at choice -- but the
> Individuality can never be "surrendered," a it is immortal and
> eternal.
> There seems to be a warning out about some danger in "surrendering"
> the personality.
> Is this important? If so what is the nature of this potential danger
> ?
> If we do not "surrender" then is there danger -- or what ?
> Best wishes,
> Dallas

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