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RE: [bn-study] RE: Theos-World re ABC Leon, shoreline/deeper Theosophy, various ...

Jan 30, 2003 05:37 AM
by dalval14

Jan 30 2003

Dear Gopi:

>From the point of view of the “personality,” called in
Theosophy: Kama-Manas (as its intelligence) the idea of
“surrender” is evolved -- as it means, (as I see it) to give up
and refuse to be involved in Kamic excitement and motives.

But “surrender” is not tamas, or passivity.

If one pursues the Path of wisdom, then we have to employ BUDDHI
and reject Kama. But as you say we need to perceive the
difference clearly. It is to be law-abiding, instead of
law-breaking. And we also need great will-power. That is Rajas
guided by Sattva.

This is antagonistic to its nature of mindless Rajasic activity.
So it resents this and when compelled by the power of the pure
MIND it complains loudly.

All in all, I agree with what you write.

But specially I would say that no one “race” is “superior” to any
other. To each tribe or race (now they are so mixed up anyway,
by cross-breeding and confused paths of heredity) there is a
general “dharma.” But this does not compel individuals to obey
or to follow that path.

Under karma, when we reincarnate, the family and race tendencies
chosen for us, are directed by KARMA -- ours and that of the
world and universe.

Hoe this makes sense



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From: Gopi Chari []
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 7:29 PM
Subject: [bn-study] RE: Theos-World re ABC Leon, shoreline/deeper
Theosophy, various ...

Dear Dallas,

If I could make few comments on your pondering:

>'I have tried, and failed to explain how it is that a human
being, ...... can be grown together -- millions of them, similar,
but different each from the others, so as to make a form -- in
which a mind intelligence can live and work and be given the
highest value in every country of the world?'

I wish to make a comment. Whose value system is it? Obviously
human beings. Not too long ago a gentleman commented that
according to a study made recently the most intelligent race in
the world is Jewish race. Well, who did the study? a Jewish
gentleman! I just gave this to make a point. Jewish race could
very well be the most intelligent. I do not put too much value(!)
in them. I mean I can not take any of these value based
observations seriously.

>'Behind the Mind stands the INTELLIGENCE and that behind that is

It seems to me that every Plane has a set of reflections of these
three, namely, Mind, Intelligence and Universal Consciousness';
each one understanding at its level of Manifestation. A
realization of these at one Plane moves only to the next level
and so on. Each Plane has Multiverses, so one may have to go to
the Multiverses in order to get to the Universality of the Plane
itself unless one bumps in to the hidden ladders that connect to
the Higher Planes.

In the final understanding it is only the High Alertness that
comes through Quietness and Calmness is the only path! That is


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