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RE: Theos-World re ABC Leon, shoreline/deeper Theosophy, various ...

Jan 29, 2003 04:14 PM
by dalval14

Jan 29 2003

Dear Friends:

This is interesting to me: - May I break in ?

"Shoreline Theosophy" cannot exist unless there is, logically, a whole
ocean behind it.
The drop of pure water made up of two primary gasses demonstrates the
existence of the monads, each bipolar, yet in total empathy. (Only as
an example or simile -- not to be taken literally.)

But this is not perceived except by a MIND. (Or something that
unitary, persists and studies the evanescent and the ever-changing
maya -- illusions. But why do they exist ?

I have tried, and failed to explain how it is that a human being, made
up of a few cents worth of primary elements (Gasses: such as hydrogen,
oxygen, nitrogen, more solid elements, such as carbon, a large nail's
worth of iron atoms, and a few pinches of phosphorus, sulfur, copper,
tin, lead, manganese, zinc, and a host of trace elements ) can be
grown together -- millions of them, similar, but different each from
the others, so as to make a form -- in which a mind intelligence (each
different from the others) can live and work and be given the highest
value in every country of the world?

If one says: DNA, then I ask who or what forms the DNA ? what is so
special about that, other than science speculates the intelligence of
every organic, and perhaps even some inorganic forms on earth, is
transmitted through the biological spiral. What is an hereditary

If we are studying ourselves, then could it not be we would find a
more permanent entity, of a superior kind of intelligence trying to
solve this point by looking at its own constitution and wondering what
is there (in these physical and continually changing --- replacing
each other-- elements) that attracts or forms a MIND ?

I think the conclusion that behind the physical is a form of
electro-magnetic foci to which those physical molecules are attracted.

Behind the Mind stands the INTELLIGENCE and that behind that is
universal CONSCIOUSNESS. Perhaps other terms or words might be used.
But the idea is there. Layer on layer of support to the final limited
physical form. And then it alternately sleeps of is awake and acts.
Why all this complexity? Who learn anything from it ? Ah, now we may
be getting off our shoreline depths and plunging into the depths of
thought and research. Ha any one been there ahead of us? have they
left traces of their efforts ? May be that is :Ocean Depth Theosophy.
Maybe there are Those who have become its navigators.

Best wishes,


"Shoreline Theosophy" indeed !

Oh where is the Jaques Cousteau of the Soul?

Who has seen the lode-star of the SPIRIT ?


-----Original Message-----
From: Mauri
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 7:52 AM
Subject: re ABC Leon, shoreline/deeper Theosophy, various ...

Leon wrote: << Theosophy has no degrees, certificates,
grades or ratings to recognize anyone's level of knowledge or
wisdom. >>

That seems relevant enough, in a way. But having learned
about the likes of "shoreline Theosophy," some people may
wonder about other kinds of Theosophic understanding, I
suspect ...

<<You either have it or you don't. What level it's at is
irrelevant. (Sometimes truth comes out of the mouths of
babies.) One's knowledge can only be known to oneself -- or
to others on its own merits, or by its fruits -- either, in the way
one lives one's life, or the level at which one can help and
teach others. There are no other criteria.<<

Okay ...

<<The study of theosophy is entirely self devised and
depends solely on one's individual self determined effort.>>

"Self-devised," Leon? It may be "self devised," in a sense,
for all of us. But I tend to wonder what KIND of "self"
devised study is it for those who (apparently?) seem, (from
my tentative/speculative perspective, at any rate), to be
leaning on various rather literal interpretations.

<<There's no trick to it. >>

I tend to agree, but then why is it that so few people seem to
be enlightened these days, I wonder ... Could it be that
there's a kind of t/Theosophy that's so close to us that we tend
not to see it ... Of course there's "no trick to it," but/"but"... I
suspect that that, in itself, might be "the trick," (in a sense?),
for some of us: that "it's" so close to us that, like the tip of our
nose, we have trouble seeing "it" ...?

<<You either do it and get it, or you don't -- depending on
how far you are individually capable of penetrating into its
depths. Some people, are still "children" who cannot get past
its shallows (no matter how old they are). If they begin to
drown, maybe they should go back to its shoreline and start
wading out again until they learn to swim. But, then, if they
aren't willing to do that, maybe they can sit by and wait to
grow up during their next lifetime.>>>>

>From one's shoreline, one wades deeper and deeper, and then,
one either turns back, sinks, or swims, eh? Something like
that? So obviously all shoreline Theosophists ought to pay
close attention to those "blinds," (if they're seen as kind of
like warning signs, eh?), in order to keep from drowning? But
if people like Gerald go around taking those signs, or"blinds,"
down ... well, I don't know. Scary thoughts come to mind.
And as if all that weren't scary enough, already, then we have
Leon apparently doing his best trying to set off something
that (might amount to?) some kind of newfangled ABC bomb,
maybe!? So no wonder more and more people (like BAG, for
example?) seem to be getting more and more frustrated (or
something?) and turning to the likes of Bhakti Yoga, and
whatever?! ... ^:-) ...>>

<<The only judgments you can make is about your own level
of understanding of theosophy.>>

Yeah, but/"but" ...

<<What others think about their own understandings are
strictly up to them. >>

I suspect that, in a sense, if "it" were stricktly enough "up to
them," they might be enlinghtened. That is, I tend to think
that humans inter-react karmically to the extent that all
thoughts, and even "up to them" matters, often tend to get
affected by karma and "outside" influences; and so that might
be one way of looking at karma and maya ...

<<Speculating about it is a meaningless exercise that gets you
nowhere (and maybe even can drown you in the ocean of
theosophy). >>

Seems as if we all tend to have our own definitions for
"meaningless exercises," among other things ...

<<So, if it's too deep for you, wade back to the shore and
start listening, questioning and learning instead of speculating
in circles. >>>>

My "speculating" happens to be, for me, a form of
"experiential activity" by which I, in effect, listen, question,
and learn. Sorry about that. I suppose we all tend to have
our "own ways and means"...


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