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Re: Theos-World Re: To Steve, does God the Son live in the White House ?

Jan 27, 2003 08:37 PM
by Etzion Becker

There cannot be any spiritual advancement without the supervision of
super-consciousness. Call this *super consciousness* *God*. The nature of
the physical world is that things fall apart, and never advance naturally.
Suppose life would be formed on its on on our planet, so explain to me, how
come living forms, go against the gravitational force and rise up, like
plants, stand on legs and walk? The process of evolution is under the
constant subject of this mighty force, so where is the logic of automatic
evolution? It cannot be, don't you see it? The evidence of
super-consciousness which guides this world is evident everywhere, your own
body, which you call *mine* (a very arrogant statement, mind you), is
accurate to the last atom, as you well know. Each cell counts the number of
atoms, or molecules it has, takes and disposes those it doesn't need, with
perfect accuracy. You are a walking testimony of Perfection, don't you see
this? And from Perfection comes? It evolves naturally? Forget it. Etzion

> I still find it difficult to believe a personal deity would
> consciously decide to create a predatory world filled with scumbags
> such as the one we live in. I can. however, imagine an impersonal
> universe which is mysteriously endowed with consciousness evolving
> such a world. It is the latter hypothesis which seems more
> plausible, but the question is so far beyond human comprehension I
> may just be showing what an idiot I am by trying to puzzle it out.
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