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Re: Theos-World Re: BAG's skeptical remark about Master Morya

Jan 27, 2003 08:02 PM
by Etzion Becker

Dear BAG, I am not a *professional* Theosophist in the sense that I search
all these things, but somewhere, your statements above seem very sadly wrong
to me. The Masters of Wisdom exist. They don't need anyone of us. They don't
care what we think. HPB could never do what she did without the supervision
of a real Master, I cannot prove it, like a proof before a court of law, but
I know it for myself. Why? Because I have had the *taste* of real Masters.
If HPB is false, according to your understanding, which you have the right
to bear, then stay away from it. Because if you are wrong my dear, you will
cause yourself a spiritual setback, because in this case you are
disrespectful towards the Masters, and automatically you will repel yourself
from them. My humble advice: send loving respects to all, even to those whom
you consider evil. Because we can never understand the work of the Masters,
who are actually the lost *God*, some of us so desperately seek.
A good example for some of us is the story of Rama and Ravana. Rama had to
kill Ravana in order to set him again on the spiritual path. Ravana himself
became eventually a Master himself, to the utter horror of some of us. Some
of us would call Rama an evil man, because he demanded Arjuna to kill his
own keen. When the time comes, the Masters will grant us the vision to
understand their ways, and when you will be granted that boon, you will
understand how hopeless it is to convince those who don't have this. Respect
is the golden key to the spiritual path. Etzion
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> > Bhakti Ananda Goswami wrote:
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> > "Reality anyone ?
> >
> > 'Master M. wrote about HPB:'
> >
> > "Or, was it HPB writing as M. writing about HPB ?"
> >
> > Bhakti Ananda Goswami, does this mean you doubt the existence of
> the
> > Master Morya or the Master Koot Hoomi?
> ///// The evidence is that over time there were a variety of
> real 'adepts' in HPB's life. That these were other than normal
> gifted men has not been shown by any credible evidence, nor has it
> been shown that they actually authored any of the letters ascribed to
> HPB's "Mahatmas". In fact 'their' "Mahatma Letters" have in numerous
> ways been actually identified as the physical writing of other
> persons ESPECIALLY HPB. Your question ignores what I have previously
> written on the subject, and creates an artificial dichotomy, that the
> real men mentioned as below either existed and therefore wrote the
> letters, or that they didn't exist. You have also phrased your
> question so that it cannot be answered "no" or "yes". Let me ask two
> proper questions. Do I think that some real persons existed that HPB
> modeled her "masters" on? YES. I do NOT doubt the existence of
> persons that HPB modeled her "masters" on. Do I think that they were
> the powerful Guides and Guardians of all humanity whose "letters" HPB
> delivered to the world ? NO. I am SURE that there were no
> such 'masters' as her "Mahatmas" who materialized letters that landed
> on peoples' heads. Furthermore I doubt that she had a
> tradition 'disciple' relationship of obedience to any real living
> master, because her ego was so huge. The only masters she could
> surrender to were her own inventions.
> BA G

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