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Re: BAG: On the Writing & Delivery of various Mahatma Letters

Jan 27, 2003 12:30 PM
by Bhakti Ananda Goswami " <>

Dear Mr. Caldwell, 

You are assuming the credibility of HPB, Olcott and their inner 
circle of confidential associates. When I had any doubt about them, 
their character, motives, means and goals, I gave them the benefit of 
it. However, after studying them and the genesis and early years of 
their Theosophical Society, all doubt was removed, and I concluded 
that they were all involved in at best a delusion, with pervasive 
elements of deception, and at worst, a complete and out-right fraud. 
They deceived each other, their followers, and the public in general 
as a regular course of action. Such deception, even when engaged in 
for what they clearly believed in as a noble cause, is pathological. 
Like many other 'occult' and Masonic conspiracies before and since 
(Joseph Smith and his Masonic Lodge inventing and testifying to the 
the Book of Mormon, etc), I see HPB and her friends as occultists who 
were carrying on the Masonic etc. tradition of conspiring to create a 
religion. Thus studying her / their esoteric writings should not be 
approached as if these were somehow sui generis from Ascended or 
World-Guiding Masters. 

finem respice

Bhakti Ananda Goswami

--- In, "D. H. Caldwell <info@b...>" 
<info@b...> wrote:
> BAG, consider the following.
> Steve Stubbs wrote on this forum:
> "The Shannon letter and the Gebhard letter are GOOD CANDIDATES for 
> evidence that some [Mahatma] letters were delivered by PHENOMENAL 
> means."
> Quoted from:
> caps added
> Concerning the Gebhard letter, see:
> See the Shannon letter at:
> The Shannon letter was received by Colonel Olcott on August 22, 
> on board the S.S. Shannon in the Mediterranean Sea. Olcott was on 
> way to London. Madame Blavatsky was living in London at this time. 
> BAG, did Madame Blavatsky write this letter, too?

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