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Re: Steve on Blavatsky's "blinds"

Jan 26, 2003 04:05 PM
by Steve Stubbs " <>

--- In, "D. H. Caldwell <info@b...>" 
<info@b...> wrote:
> Steve, where are you getting this from when you write:
> ". . . but Blavatsky represented them as deceptions."
> Where in her writings did Blavatsky "represent" them as deceptions?

There are numerous places in which statement s of this sot are made. 
Here are some instances:

Here are a few instances for you:

This was the most important quote I found:

"She is ordered in cases of need to mislead people" (Mahatma Letters 
p. 272)

Sinnett, Incidents in the life of HPB:

"It has been Mme. Blavatsky's fate to make and lose many friends. The 
peculiarities of her character sufficiently account for this. No 
personal demeanour could be imagined worse calculated to retain the 
confidence of people between the first kindling of interest in her 
general theories of occultism, and profound intimacy. It is only 
people who hardly knew her at all, or only through her writings, and 
those who knew her so thoroughly that she cannot mislead them who do 
her justice. People who are familiar with her without being closely 
intimate and long acquainted with the conflicting elements of her 
nature can hardly escape some shock to their confidence, some 
uncomfortable suspicion about her truthfulness."

Somewhere in the SD she says the numbers she gave out for vyvles were 
all blinds, which can mean nothing except that they were deceptive. 
Here are some other quotes on blinds:

SD 1.68: "The Brahmanas, reproached by the Orientalists with their 
versions on the same subjects, often clashing with each other, are 
pre?eminently occult works, hence used purposely as blinds. They were 
allowed to survive for public use and property only because they were 
and are absolutely unintelligible to the masses. Otherwise they would 
have disappeared from circulation as long ago as the days of Akbar."

SD 1.128: "The Jews, save the Kabalists, having no names for East, 
West, South, and North, expressed the idea by words signifying 
before, behind, right and left, and very often confounded the terms 
exoterically, thus making the blinds in the Bible more confused and 
difficult to interpret.

SD 2.310: "The blinds which conceal the real mysteries of Esoteric 
philosophy are great and puzzling, and even now the last word cannot 
be given."

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