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Re: Theos-World RE: functions Consciousness and Attention

Jan 25, 2003 10:00 PM
by leonmaurer


To clear the air a bit, and, hopefully, bring everyone into alignment, let me 
interject the following:

The Theosophical Movement -- reestablished in this cycle by HPB -- has three 
objects, which are given equal weight. They are:

1. "To form the *nucleus* of the universal brotherhood of humanity" (NOT form 
the universal brotherhood itself) - (my *emphasis* and comments)
2. "The study of ancient and modern religions, philosophies and sciences, and 
the *demonstration* of the importance of such study" 
3. "The *investigation* of the unexplained laws of Nature and the psychical 
powers latent in man" (NOT their practice)

For further information regarding these objects, and what they encompass, 
ObjectsOfTheosophicalMovement/TheObjects.html (join these two lines)

Fulfillment of the first object can only come about when each theosophist, 
through their individual self determined and self devised study and effort, 
attains self realization, and understands who they are, where they came from, 
and where they are going (along with every other human "being")... And, 
thereby, becomes capable of helping and teaching others. This cannot come 
about by blind belief in anyone else's opinions or assertions. But, does 
require a clear understanding of those aspects of practical knowledge covered 
by the second and third objects. 

The goal is to clearly comprehend the true basis and nature of ultimate 
reality, including, among other ideas and concepts, the unity of all beings, 
the essentiality of opposites, the triune and cyclic nature of both 
individual and universal existence, and the fundamental unity of both 
consciousness and form, spirit and matter, karma and reincarnation. 

This comprehension can come about through deep study of all the sciences, 
both metaphysical and physical, and determining the linkages between the two 
aspects (subjective and objective) of Life, based on the metaphysical 
connections, relationships, and coenergetic linkages between Spirit (or consci
ousness) and Matter (or form). This requires, in addition to such study, a 
full and complete understanding of the Three Fundamental Principles of 
Theosophy (as outlined in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine) plus the 
understanding of the Book of Dzyan's Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis -- 
based on the commentaries explaining it in the SD. 

There are several practical methods by which this self realization and 
knowledge may come about. 

One method, is to experience the unity of self, mind and body -- by 
introspective observation of ones own inner nature, and merging one's 
consciousness into the universal consciousness... Thereby, directly knowing, 
intuitively, the true nature of all existence. This experience (of 
enlightenment) can come about though regular practice of deep meditation, or 
self study, reinforced by book learning and continued questioning. 

There are many different techniques -- to suit each individual's personal 
karma and position or circumstance in life -- by which such yoga can be 
practiced and self realization achieved. Such methods of practice can be 
taught by a guru, learned from a book, grasped intuitively, or 
instantaneously achieved by the culmination of ones karmic path through a 
long series of previous lifetimes... Although, there is no reason why this 
cannot occur in one lifetime with proper study and practice. In any event, 
the goals are the same. 

Since there is no single way for everyone to achieve this enlightenment, any 
advice given as to a method of meditative practice can only be valid for the 
one who offers it, and for those on the same path. Theosophy (in addition to 
the SD) offers several books, The Voice of the Silence, and the Yoga 
Aphorisms of Patanjali (supplemented by the Dammapada and the Tao Te Ching) 
as aids along this meditative path. (There are also other methods of such 
yoga practices related to Buddhism and Hinduism, that could be effective. 
Although, some may be difficult or dangerous without a qualified teacher.) 
So, it's up to each individual student to determine their own meditative path 
and practice for themselves.

These "religious" or "yoga" practices, coupled with a "study of all the 
ancient and modern sciences, religions and philosophies" lead not only to 
self realization and becoming a "nucleus of Universal Brotherhood" -- but 
also, helps one understand the "psychical powers latent in man." Therefore, 
the three objects must be accepted, and worked on, as an indivisible unity. 
Since, the way each one goes about synthesizing and fulfilling them, being 
dependent on individual karma and self willed motive, such study and practice 
must be left for each student to decide for themselves. 

Depending on individual needs during a particular stage of theosophical study 
and training -- one student may require scientific and technical knowledge, 
another may require a meditative practice --and a third, might require 
knowledge of the ancient occult philosophies and so called magical or 
alchemical processes. Whatever the need, the answers can only come about by 
asking questions, whether openly, or to oneself, and searching diligently for 
the answers in a true spirit of inquiry. 

Therefore, the student/teachers, or those of greater knowledge answering 
specific questions of students at a lower level of knowledge, might be 
divided into several groups -- using methods, focussing on each of these 
different aspects of universal knowledge, particular to each individual 
teacher... With each teacher fully cognizant of the teachings of the others, 
and how they interrelate to form a consistent whole that conforms with the 
fundamental principles, and can be referenced and confirmed in the Secrete 
Doctrine and/or in other similarly consistent books and articles by HPB and 
her direct, initiated disciples.

So, from here on out we might let each of those self professed 
student/teachers who actually do, or plan to use this forums as their "school 
of theosophy" -- speak for themselves. And, by their fruits, we will know 
them... And, thereby, when their teachings are seen to be consistent with 
fundamental principles, choose to follow what they teach and integrate it 
with what we know -- with full cognizance of their limitations and the 
dangers, should such teachings be taken without question. It follows, then, 
that each teacher, whether they agree or disagree with another's teachings or 
methods,should also show respect for each other -- as a practical expression 
of Universal Brotherhood. It should also be understood that theosophy, 
itself, is a holistic, synthetic teaching, and not limited to magic, 
meditation, alchemy, astrology, science, yoga, or any other narrowly focused 
studies (although, they are all important to understand relatedly). 

Therefore, there's no reason why any "school of theosophy" shouldn't be 
divided into separate "classes" based on the needs of individual students, 
with different teachers emphasizing their own special knowledge -- one being 
a yogi, another a scientist, another an alchemist, another a philosopher, 
another a historian, another a researcher, another a compiler, etc., etc. -- 
while working together toward a common goal

Since the "basis" of theosophy is the accumulated wisdom of the ages -- which 
must be consistent with the Three Fundamental Principles (as consolidated, 
synthesized, and explained in the Secret Doctrine) -- who's to say whether or 
not one method, one teaching, or one path is better than another -- so long 
as we all agree with those Principles and follow, simultaneously, the Three 
Objects of the Theosophical Movement?

Best wishes,


In a message dated 01/24/03 2:38:10 AM, writes:

(previous correspondence cut -- but considered)

>Hi. Below are some final comments. I do not have time for too much more of
>this, as I am self-employed and I have to get some work done, so I will not
>be on here as much. My plan is to make some comments about Alice Bailey
>and the Lucis Trust and also to read Psychic and Noetic Action and to comment
>on this, plus answer some other messages I have saved for quite a while. 
>Below is a further comments. 
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>Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 3:21 PM
>Subject: Theos-World RE: functions Consciousness and Attention
>>To "discriminate" implies the ability to distinguish, to
>evaluate, and then choice as an effort of the will is applied in
>selection. I would say that the best way to do this is to make
>ones self totally impersonal. If one has biases, the recording
>can be skewed or influenced by them. How do we make ourselves
>free of biases ?.<
><But again this does not define the "WILLER." I assume one might
>say the "willer" is the REAL ME -- whatever it might be called
>( Ego, Self, Spirit, Mind, etc.)]
>WRY:There is no "", in my opinion, that exists on its own side as an
>independent entity. There is, though, an essence which can grow up and
>learn to do consciously, but in order for the real work to begin, many 
>karmic stains need to be erased. Until then, it is better not to build an 
>systems on a false base. If things get too mixed up, with false "spiritual"
>notions, it may be to hard to undo the damage.
>There is an illusion of continuity which is most tragic, as a person
>in experiences one or two moments in a month or a year or several years, 
>which everything, temporarily comes together in such a way that there is
>a sense of an "oversoul" or whatever you want to call it, and it is so
>powerful and such a contrast that there is an identification with this. If a
>person experiences this in a continuity, moment after moment, day after
>day, he is connected to the higher intelligence of his system functioning at
>optimum. But this is not the case. People experience this for a few moiments
>and then fantasy that they possess a continuity that they do not. No one
>who tricks himself in this way will ever admit it, as it is part of his 
>which is built on a movement away from pain toward pleasure. I am not
>talking about you, necessarily, but about any of us, including me. This is
>the nature of the human personality which will go to any ends to perserve
>it's defense structure.
>In my opinion, it is better not to constantly think and talk about
>"immortality" and and reincarnation in a certain way as it throws people off
>the track and keeps them from making the efforts they need to make to free
>themselves from their tethers. It is not a good way to cleanse oneself of
>karmic stains and to accumulate merit, but if yiou wish to do this, it is
>your perogative and I cannot stop you. I wish you the best in your
>continuing struggle to cleanse yourself of karmic impuirities, develop true
>impartiality, and establish a universal brotherhood. These are my aims
>also. Sincerely, Wry p.s and I hope this is just the beginning of enquiry 
>not the end of it.

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