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Re: Theos-World re "new world order" re Leon ...

Jan 24, 2003 03:21 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 01/23/03 10:09:37 AM, writes:

>Leon wrote: <<BTW, did you know that the Lucis Trust, a New Age
>Christianized (after HPB 
>died) mystical/magical version of theosophy has infiltrated into the UN, 
>converted many of the top UN dogs and a lot of big shot Masons who are
>heavy hitters in gov't and business, built a meditation chapel in the HQ
>building, is managing some of their orgs, and is waiting for the New Christ 
>to show up in person, so they can start the "New World Order" government. 
>It's all twisted New Age baloney, but the UN has bought it all, hook, line 
>and sinker. >>
>No kidding, Leon? Hook, line and sinker, eh? I would've thought that
>those kinds of people might nibble on the hook, in private, maybe, but would
>generally tend to leave the line and sinker alone ...

You may be right, Mauri, but the guy this metaphor was directed to, (who may 
be the one they are waiting for) needs to know that when he throws in the 
kind of bait he has and reels in the line, he's sure to catch a really big 
fish. Actually, this is a secret code that some of ex intelligence and CIA 
guys use to inspire reluctant operatives.



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