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RE: Theos-World

Jan 23, 2003 05:17 AM
by dalval14

Jan 23 2003

Dear Friend:

If we look at the teaching concerning the Immortal Monad within our
heart, we see that we are all, inescapably, SOUL-MATES to each other
in the spiritual sense. We always draw closer to each other if our
objectives and aims are similar.

What separates? Usually some personal predilection or desire. A
range of relationships emerge.

It is taught that the Monad is an Eternal Pilgrim. So we have been
among our companions for a very long time indeed.

[ I was thinking: On p. 150 there is a footnote in The 1st Vol. of
The SECRET DOCTRINE that gives the number of years since the LIGHTING
UP OF MANAS. -- over 18 million. If, as might be possible, we try a
calculation of dividing that sum by the average time between
incarnations (1,000 to 1,500 years as given in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY)
say, around 1200 years, we come up with a figure of around 15 to
16,000 incarnations -- quite a number of times for us to be together
and apart also. ]

If you mean when using soul-mate special affinities generated over
incarnations by affinity and association, I guess there are such
things. But in that case they have elements of the psychic and of the
kamic nature in them, which makes them intense, but also frail.

I think we need to mull over this more. And then relations change as
time passes we have children or relatives, who in earlier times may
have been "mates" or our "children's children," and so on .. Mankind
is a vast family indeed. It is interesting to consider these things.

Best wishes,



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To all
Is the term soul-mate a fallacy or could it be the result
of many incarnations together.

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