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Re: Theos-World Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 20, 2003 10:01 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 01/20/03 6:38:45 PM, writes:

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>> Jeremy, Sorry if that's the way you interpret it. But I had no intention
>> of attacking AAB, or her theosophical teachings of right human relations
>> and world good will. I also know that Bailey had nothing good to say 
>> about Nazism.
>Thankyou for saying that with clarity. Blessings to you.

You're welcome.

>> My discussion was focussed, as a warning to all thinking theosophists, 
>> on the Lucis Trust who have introduced into the UN the idea of a messianic
>> based religion and New World Order government based on AAB's and FB's
>> "political" ideas that play into the hands of the Nazi minded, occult 
>> society-linked oligarchy in Washington -- now promoting the same "New
>> World Order"... That, in their eyes, as well as from our standpoint, would 
>> nothing more than an extension of the Nazi plan for world conquest, racial
>> superiority and segregation, as well as control of all global resources,
>> finance. economics, etc., by a fascist oriented capitalist and
>> military-industrialist cabal.
>> Not that I think anyone in the Lucis Trust have these motives -- but such
>> a form of dictatorial government could, even if begun with the best of
>> intentions, easily be preempted and taken over by the same elite right
>> wing capitalist-government group now in control of both the US and the UN.
>> This is the Blueprint of the plan for final victory of the dark Nazi-minded
>> forces -- that could completely obviate the theosophical principles and
>> scientific philosophy leading to a universal brotherhood of Humanity with
>> self government and individual responsibility toward the welfare of all,
>> and allowing free will and free religious belief with no interference by
>> higher powers in anyone's or any group's individual karma. All these 
>> precepts, I presume, were the underlying basis of both HPB's and AAB's 
>> fundamental teachings. Correct me if I'm wrong.
>Your conclusion would seem to be accurate in that universal brotherhood
>and individual responsibility are precepts of both HPB and AAB.
>There is nothing wrong in bringing to peoples attention the fact of the
>return of the Christ/Matreyia anymore than it is wrong to make known
>right human relation, brotherhood and responsibility.
>Lucis Trust should not stop doing so just because some fear that it may
>be manipulated by dark forces. It is up to all people with goodwill to
>make their Stand for the forces of light. That way the dark forces
>will not be able to hold firm to anything. The dark forces use those
>of humanity who would spread untruths and uncertainties about
>spiritual values.
>The Christ would advocate no dictatorial government, The Hierarchy is
>not dictatorial. Freewill always holds for anyone, if we accept or reject
>the Christ it is entirely up to our own inner convictions and motives.

Nevertheless, the concept of the Christ (also, supposedly, Maitreya, Messiah, 
Buddha, Mahdi, etc.) and HIS return or resurrection in the FLESH, along with 
God worship, vicarious atonement, invocational prayer, elite star children, 
etc. -- as, supposedly, being "theosophical" truths -- are strictly figments 
of AAB's imagination based on her religious background... Consequently, it's 
quite apparent, that these NON-theosophical concepts violate every 
theosophical teaching of Cosmogenesis, cycles, karma and reincarnation (as 
well as the teaching, accepted by Brahmanism, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddism, 
Kabbalism, etc., of the appearance of the Avatar, Maitreya, not before the 
end of the true Kali Yuga approximatety 430,000 years from now)... AAB's 
teachings also contradicts most all of the scientific metaphysics based on 
fundamental principles, as taught by HPB and the Masters -- which are some of 
the fundamental roots of "TRUE" theosophy and the solid ground upon which all 
"occultism" stands. 

Upon close comparison of the original theosophical teachings of HPB (along 
with the fundamental Hermetism that is entirely consistent with it) against 
AAB's so called "advanced Theosophy" (also posing as a "new religion" based 
on the Christian oriented, and mystical/theosophical "Liberal Catholic 
Church" baloney of AB and CWL) -- it is undeniably obvious (to this serious 
student and, sometimes, teacher of theosophy and metaphysics) that AAB's 
teachings of White Magic, Rays, Christ, etc., as well as the cooked up DK 
(supposedly, the "dictator" of the SD) -- is not only phony or "pseudo 
theosophy" -- but also, a carefully calculated hodgepodge of theosophical 
sounding metaphysical and mystical jargon mixed in with downright 
fabrications and personal opinions.

Apparently the motives behind AAB's scam is to appeal to Christians, and then 
also as a bone thrown to dogs, to those other religions who disagree entirely 
with Christian dogmas and theologies (that AAB has twisted into the so called 
garbled "Hierarchy" of personal Gods, Angels, Messiahs, etc., of her pseudo 

Do we really need such a new organized religion on Earth -- regardless of its 
lip service to "right human relation, brotherhood and responsibility" (that 
is no different from the spiritual precepts behind all organized religions)? 
Could we control the actions of its political leaders, and economic planners 
(industrialists and high priests) if it became the "New Age" or "New World 
Order" government under UN/US/NATO sponsorship? That's the biggest Joke I've 
heard in a long time. Who are we kidding? 

In any event, since there is no real, one and only "Christ" to return in the 
flesh -- whether or not such a character actor, if he does show up, would 
advocate a dictatorship in AAB's proposed "religious government or governing 
religion," or be "accepted or not" -- would be entirely up to the powers 
that be who control both governments and the media (that most people follow 
like sheep) -- rather than "up to our own inner convictions and motives." 

As for true theosophists, however... Accepting or rejecting this new "Christ" 
when he shows up, would depend solely on how deeply they understand and 
accept the fundamental truths and reasonable metaphysical conclusions of 
theosophy and, thereby, realize that this guy couldn't be the true 
"Maitreya." (And, it would take an awful lot of super duper "magic" to prove 
he was the Christ, in this day and age of high tech "special effects" stage 
and movie "magic." And, even if he could do it, it would simply prove he was 
a "black magician" and couldn't be trusted to be a benevolent ruler. :-) 

So, I'm going to stop worrying about it. (Unless some new fanatic AAB 
religion proselytizer shows up again. :-)


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