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Re: Theos-World Re[6]: Essential Unity--and Bailey on Mohammedanism

Jan 20, 2003 07:28 PM
by wry

HI. Did Alice Bailey say the below? Madame Blavatsky claimed to be a
Mahayana Buddhist. If you stretch it really far, you could perhaps possibly
fit her into this category, at least as a person aspiring to be one, but the
person who said the below is no Buddhist, Mahayana or otherwise. Period.
There is no way to fit her into this category. So this is one noticeable
difference between the two. People on here might not think it significant,
but a Buddhist would consider her not only to be ignorant, but to be
perpetrating human suffering. Sincerely, Wry p.s. This message has nothing
to do with people in the United Nations, whoever they are. I will comment on
this later, but if you want to change the world, learn how to do
consciously. This is what real knowledge of scales (seven) can be used for.

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> In every land down the ages men have sought to foist their personal,
> religious interpretations of truth, of [126] the Scriptures and of
> God upon the mass of men. They have taken the Bibles of the world and
> have attempted to explain them, passing the ideas they find through
> the filter of their own minds and brains and in the process inevitably
> stepping down the meaning. Not content with this, their followers have
> forced these man-evolved interpretations upon the unthinking and the
> ignorant. Every religion - Buddhism, Hinduism in its many aspects,
> Mohammedanism and Christianity - has produced a flock of outstanding
> minds who have sought (usually quite sincerely) to understand what
> God is supposed to have said, who have formulated doctrines and dogmas
> on this basis of what they thought God meant and their words and
> ideas have, therefore, become religious law and the irrefutable
> truths of countless millions. In the last analysis, what have you?
> The ideas of some human mind - interpreted in terms of his period,
> tradition and background - about what God said in some Scripture which
> has been subjected during the centuries to the difficulties and the
> mistakes incident to constant translation - a translation often based
> on oral teaching.
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