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Re: Theos-World Re: A clear comparision of one central thing

Jan 19, 2003 08:11 PM
by samblo

I have to agree with your post, and I submit that in one of the four 
Christian Gospels
there is found the scenery of the Apostles aggrieved, distraught, and 
tearful upon 
having been told by Jesus that his time of departure in the World grows 
near and that
he will return to his Father in Heaven. In intense grief they implore him 
to tell them
when he will return that they may again enjoy his presence and he replies
(I paraphrase) Upon my return--upon my Pariousia--upon the Consummation of 
Ages. So here also the Yuga Cycle is stated and continuity is stated with 
the Hindu
and the Buddhist, this too my personal view aligns with the Christ 
Metaphysical Transcendental Reality.

Now, my opinion of the fundamental contrasting element between H.P.B. and 
"others" she is contrasted with. The single thing that is not mentioned is 
that the 
"Astral" has no partner but the Physical and upon the death of the physical 
it also
faces extinction. H.P.B. warned strongly against any form of Astral 
Idolatry and
Worship. The creation of false Yidams of the Masters for others to be lead 
into the
worship of is a dire strait indeed, notwithstanding however potent and 
forceful it
inculcates it self to the followers. The fact that the attempts to falsely 
place a "Savior"
or "Messiah" in the debacle of Madison Square Gardens seemed not to have 
instructive to those who persist in the folly, driven by their own astral 
they contrive anew and create comfortable illusions for themselves and 
those they 
deceive. Again, I point to Alice Cleather who in her "Great Betrayal" 
points unerringly
to the Astral deception.


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