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re re Shamballa behind facsism, Leon, etc ...

Jan 19, 2003 08:05 AM
by Mauri

Gerald wrote: <<In the meantime, I have a question for 
Wry (or the group, if they can answer it)... Besides cooking, 
cleaning, washing the dishes, working, making honey 
(or is that, money), etc., and observing it all impartially 
without thinking about what is happening in the world 
(which seems to me to be a bit like Zen without its Buddha 
vision) -- what else (besides not worrying about it) do we 
have to do to become spiritually awakened enough to be 
able to counteract the magic of the dark side New World 
Orderers that intend to readjust our individual and group 
karma against our will, and/or make us live, think, learn, 
work, worship, pray, etc., and/or die in this world according 
to their dictates? >> 

I wonder if the history of group karma might be such that 
there might be some kind of average tendency (on the part 
of the "general population," in a sense ...) to be led, 
influenced, guided, educated, politicized, nationalized, 
scientized, realized, religionized, etc, etc, to the extent that 
that very "sense of average" in terms of "reality/truth" might 
tend to create a sense of reality that, from a somewhat "less 
influenced" perspective, (as per outsiders like Theosophists, 
say ...), might seem counterproductive or even destructive, 
in part, or on the whole ... And so I wonder if those who are 
promoting the old world order (in terms of religion, science, 
politics, etc) might tend to define freer thinkers, such as 
Theosophists, to be their enemies. And so Theosophists 
might wonder what exactly the "old world order" is up to.

I thought that there might be some kind of Theosophic 
stipulation about finding ways of turning antagonisms into 
friendly relations. How? I suspect that thinking and wishing 
alone isn't going to go far.


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