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Re: Theos-World

Jan 18, 2003 05:53 AM
by Jeremy Condick

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>in the thirties and forties by Adolph Hitler and his Nazi
>cohorts ... Who are still active in secretly infiltrating and
>influencing our government (and now, overtly) in helping promote
>this present administration's "New World Order" that (according to
>the "plan" of New Age pseudo theosophy that they follow, with the
>help of the UN and a "packed" Supreme Court) requires the
>elimination of 80% or more of the human race's "undesirable
>elements" (code word for non Aryans, Jews, genetically deficient,
>and all other family, sub-racial and religious groups who do not
>see the world from the same hierarchical, oligarchic, "might [money
and weapons] makes right" point of view that they do).

> toward the true "path of compassion" along with a true
>understanding of
> "white magic" that might generate a counter-force that could
>prevent the
> "Black Magicians" from doing their dirty work (based on what they,
> their associated secret societies [Templar's, Rosicrucians,
> Masons, etc.,] already knew of all the ancient occult magical
arts). The
> "Wars in Heaven," spoken of by HPB, is still being fought on
>Earth -- with
> only the first battle, defeating the dark forces being won with
the defeat of
> the dark side Nazi occultists in 1945.

> If the AAB and other so called "New Age" philosophies have
>elements in their
> teachings that indicate a plot to confuse true theosophists,
>call "black
> magic," "white magic," and distort theosophy into a new religion
>to take over the world by an elitist group of so called "Master
Race" promoters >who speak
> with the same forked tongue as previous "Aryanists"
and "Eugenicists"

This is the second wave of attack against Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust
by a student of theosophy. Clear writen evidence was presented that showed
the views of AAB against nazism.
This in truth has no relation to theosophy in its purity. It is more than
clear to me that the teachings of AAB/DK have been rejected by other
branches of the masters teachings as given out by the great white
brotherhood. In my limited experience true esotericists who accept the
sequential work of AAB do not slander or rebuke the stupendous teachings of
our beloved Helena Blavatsky, Helena Roerich or Francis La Due. To
encompass the breadth of the work of the GWB I and many others I know need
to assimilate these teachings in their entirety as best we can.

As said, this does not raise any hostilities that render expression through
slander of others or the general running down of fellow seekers.
Previously on this list AAB was slandered, and in so doing the slandering of
a Master of the Wisdom was achieved!

Kindest Regards

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