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RE: [Blavatsky_Study] RE: Standard of Truth?

Jan 17, 2003 05:26 PM
by dalval14

Jan 17 2003

Dear Friends and Munise:

As I look at this small attribute (the "golden mid-point" -- S D I
xli --center of page) and its placement, as a contrast to fanaticism,
bigotry and materialism, it seems to me to liberate us from those
bonds of form, and send us thinking of the grander whole -- of
differences that harmonize with isolated individuals and draw them
into the circle of tolerance and brotherhood. And this can only be
done by showing how all extremes unite finally. Look at the bottom of
the page and consider the balancing done in thought there.

"GOLDEN MID-POINT" is significant (I would say) if one perceives the
fact that all LIFE emanates from the SPIRITUAL CENTRAL SUN -- and then
"golden or orange" would apply as a natural; a correlate in terms of
color to our known center of life : our SUN, which reflects to us, on
this physical plane, the metaphysical life, colors and sounds -- in
fact all vibrations, that keep us alive in our present bodies, and for
the Karmic experience we reap through them.

(WI would say : we must not forget we are a band of Immortal
Pilgrims -- Spiritual Mind-souls -- and this is evidently a part of
our learning experience in this particular "day in the School of

This impartial set of forces -- the various vibrations of Living
force -- work with all; and thus, in a way, they show that the "God"
of any bigot, is really the same "God" of another bigot in some other
creed, but there, it is human or the priest, who has given it another
"name." Thus the danger of "labeling" is made plain. The same object
is disguised, and many cannot make the transit from one set of labels
to the others. This is what both ISIS UNVEILED and The SECRET
DOCTRINE tried to dispel. They give us the whole panorama, and as
said on S D I xli, the past has been isolated from us by earlier
fanatics who destroyed systematically those universal links that show
the unity of all religions as well as of all humanity. H P B as
"messenger" and "voice-piece" for the Masters of Wisdom, stove to draw
before us the evidence of this unity. Shall we take the hint?

Look for instance at the VOICE OF THE SILENCE, footnote on pp. 55-6
(in my edition -- UNITED LODGE OF THEOSOPHISTS, it is at the beginning
of Fragment. III -- the 7 Portals, 2 or 3 pages after the Paramitas
(virtues) are listed -- pp. 52-3). There the central point is
compared to the SOUND of Nature in its vast entirety -- the "Kung"
( MA or Madyama, the "middle F" of the gamuts and scales of music).

In architecture, painting, music, drawing, styling, etc... we have the
"golden mean" --- a measurement in whatever system, that pleases the
artistic sense of all. It draws the eye to this pleasing position of
tolerance and well-feeling.

But, the student of theosophy ought to try and find out WHY this is
so. What is Nature telling us? How, if it is so plain, are we
overlooking it? What is the rationale of such a "feeling?" If Nature
runs under laws that are immutable, the presence of these facts
indicate (as in astrology) a link. We need to ferret out those links
and rationalize them.

All diversity types will be found to have a uniting center, probably
on this plane where they reside, or on a superior one which
synthesizes and spiritualizes them.

As in the case of "fractiles" the small and the great are all
correlated. We tend to seek to discover the KEY to those
relations. Is it not evidence of the infinite care and precision of
Law as it penetrates all aspects of life, and on this plane of form.
But why should Law be confined to forms and things. We are minds and
we "feel" things -- is not law present there also Are we to deny the
difference and the sense of moral responsibility between vice and
virtue? Can we define those ? What has happened to our power of
discrimination in this regard? Have fanatics and organized
priesthoods destroyed this faculty of independent inquiry into the

Best wishes.



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From: Munise
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 2:33 AM
Subject: RE: Standard of Truth?

Dear All,

I guess each relative and absolute truth has also abstract and
I guess what is meant by "general abstract truth is the most precious
all blessings" in
"What is Truth" by H. P. Blavatsky can be related with following
paragraph from :

"The Key to Theosophy" by H. P. Blavatsky
Section 4


ENQUIRER. We have heard of a Golden Age that was, and what you
would be a Golden Age to be realised at some future day. When shall it

THEOSOPHIST. Not before humanity, as a whole, feels the need of it. A
in the Persian "Javidan Khirad" says: "Truth is of two kinds -- one
and self-evident; the other demanding incessantly new demonstrations
proofs." It is only when this latter kind of truth becomes as
obvious as it is now dim, and therefore liable to be distorted by
and casuistry; it is only when the two kinds will have become once
more one,
that all people will be brought to see alike.

Does anyone know whetter "golden point" in SD I pg xli meant to be
golden as
described above?

Best Regards


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