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RE: : Standard of Truth?

Jan 17, 2003 05:26 PM
by dalval14

Jan 17 2003

Dear Suzanne:

To me, it is unimportant -- the matter of circumstances and events.
Those are memories that ought to inspire us to greater and better
works -- for others ( see S D I pp. 207 -210, 272-3 ).

What is important to me is the ability to show others the evidence of
a "spiritual Personage" who is interiorly resident in each one of us
as well as latent in all forms of matter. This has the value of
saying: Your are an Immortal. You cannot be "dominated" by any one
else. "Salvation," and "progress" are the result of your self-effort
to keep your personality disciplined at all times along spiritual
lines -- which demands the application of the highest moral power and

Brotherhood implies this, but we need to assure ourselves by direct
experience of the fact.
The ONE CONSCIOUSNESS in each of us derives from the resident HIGHER
SELF -- the ATMA. It is the same in every other being, and
particularly in our human companions.

Thanks and best wishes,



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Subject: Re: Standard of Truth?

Dear Dallas...

> But apart from mind understanding it needs expressions -- hidden and
> invisible, perhaps -- from the secret planes of our own inner

As a long time Bailey student, 25 years, (and a not so long Blavatsky
student, 5 years pehaps), I understand you clearly. The spirit that
moves your words is the same spirit in my heart and mind. I believe
only one source for everything, but words, too many times separate it
into devastating expressions and effects.... how can one know for
sure the other speaks the truth? Who can think without words?

>From the heart, nothing needs to be said.... I know you would agree.

> Knowledge gives power and confirms intuition. But the Power which
> the "disciple must covet "is that which will make him appear as
> nothing in the eyes of men." LIGHT ON THE PATH -. 4 bottom.

The inner world is vast and beautiful if you know it... to be there
you can not be here and, naturally, you will appear as nothing in the
eyes of men.

> DTB "Fanaticism" seems more reserved to blind believers and
apologists (who are really ignorant, but don't realize this condition
is internal who try to defend (externally) the indefensible. Pure
logic and clear speaking tend to unify and restore harmony. Then we
know we are all speaking the same language (almost).

There is a language we all speak, I feel it sometimes in others, but
rarely... it is buried under many layers of babble and otherwise.



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